WWE News: Kenny Omega Teases Match With SmackDown Superstar

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There will be an awful lot of superstars that would be queuing up for the chance to share the ring with Kenny Omega. However, one superstar that has admitted that he would love to work with the AEW talent on social media this past week has been greeted with the news that it would be something that would also appeal to him.

The revelation came out as the WWE superstar was taking part in a question and answer session on Instagram this past week.

WWE News: Star Admits Omega Is Dream Opponent

A match with Omega would appeal to an awful lot of superstars, which means that it isn’t totally random that Murphy revealed that AEW superstar would be at the top of the list when it comes to stars that he would like to work with. However, Omega continued on social media and admitted that the match would be something that would also appeal to him.

Unfortunately for fans that would have been hoping to see the match, it looks incredibly unlikely that it will happen any time soon. Omega is enjoying an excellent run in AEW and is currently holding their world championship. Meanwhile, Murphy is signed to WWE. The only way that the match would happen would seem as though WWE and Murphy parting ways, which does seem unlikely at the minute.

WWE News: Omega Respects Murphy

Murphy is one of the superstars on the WWE roster that have been criminally undervalued for a while now, and was most recently left off the card at WrestleMania. The only meaningful feud that he was involved in was the Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio storyline. Murphy eventually turned face towards the end of that story and began a romantic relationship with Mysterio’s daughter. However, since then, it has gone a bit quiet regarding what he is going to do next, which means that he could potentially grow tired and ask for his release.

Murphy is still a highly regarded talent on the WWE roster though, and previously held the Cruiserweight Championship. However, he certainly needs something a little more interesting to stay relevant as many of the singles superstars on the SmackDown brand enjoyed excellent WrestleMania’s. Among those were Cesaro, who picked up a massive win in his singles bow on the Grandest Stage, as he defeated Murphy’s old buddy, Seth Rollins.

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