WWE News: Three Reasons Why Bobby Lashey Should Retain His WWE Championship

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The opening night of WrestleMania is getting closer, with the action at the Raymond James Stadium getting underway on Saturday evening. It is still up in the air regarding the match that will close the opening night of action, with both the WWE Championship and SmackDown Women’s Championship both having a credible chance of having the honour.

The WWE Championship match will see Bobby Lashley defend his championship for the first time against Drew McIntyre, but why should the defending champion go over in the match?

WWE News: Lashley Deserves Lengthy Run

Lashley only won the championship a month or so ago against The Miz, and he should be given a longer title reign than just a couple of months. There is a sense that he is just a transitional champion at the moment, with the WWE giving him the belt as just a way to wriggle their way out of The Miz carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase.

However, he deserves a good run of being the main guy on the red brand, and a long title run could see him finally get the break that he has deserved throughout his career.

WWE News: Could Be Built As A Monster

Looking at Lashley, you would be amazed that this is his first run as a world champion. He has all the credentials to be the kind of guy that Vince McMahon loves. With Brock Lesnar gone from WWE for at least the next couple of months, the WWE could build Lashley as a dominant force in the male division.

He could roll over opponents in the same manner that Lesnar has for years, which would give a huge rub to the superstar that is finally able to take the WWE Championship away from home. The WWE don’t build many stars any more, but they have the chance to do that with Lashley.

WWE News: More Interesting Hurt Business Storylines

The fall out from The Hurt Business and their break-up looks set to go on for another couple of months. The group were the dominant force on Raw up until their break up, and very few would argue against seeing that downfall continue in main event storylines with the WWE Championship on the line.

Cedric Alexander has the potential to be something exceptional, and being involved in the WWE Championship picture will only further the claims that he is a future world title contender.

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