WWE News: What Does WrestleMania Loss Mean For The Fiend?

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It was a long weekend of wrestling action, but WrestleMania 37 is now officially in the books. The weekend of action ended with a pulsating Universal Championship match, which eventually saw Roman Reigns leaving the grandest stage with his title reign still in tact.

However, the action on the second night got off to a strange start to say the least. The Fiend was beaten by Randy Orton in a singles match, after Alexa Bliss cost The Fiend the match. He looked to have the match won, before Bliss appeared with black liquid pouring down her face to allow Orton to hit the RKO. But, what does this mean?

WWE News: Does Bliss Control The Fiend?

It looks as though we are going to explore the dynamic between Bliss and The Fiend moving forward, which could finally get us an answer to what happened at the close of the match. One explanation that can’t be ruled out is the fact that Bliss could be the one controlling The Fiend since his return after being set on fire by Orton last year.

But, it remains to be seen why Bliss would cost him the match against Orton. Potentially that could have been her way of telling The Fiend that she is really the one in control and not him.

WWE News: Is There Another Explanation?

The ending to the match has perplexed fans, and there are a number of different theories flying around. One that has spread more than most on social media is the stance that Alexa Bliss knew that The Fiend wasn’t the real one, and that’s why she cost him the match. Some fans believe that The Fiend that appeared last night was Bo Dallas, and that could lead to a programme seeing The Fiend vs The Fiend.

Some have also indicated that Bliss could now be strong enough to replace The Fiend, which could lead to a match between the two further down the line. That would certainly be an interesting development, and there’s no denying that the two could produce something pretty special in a cinematic match. Either way, the finish was a surprise and that has led to people talking about it. At the end of the day, that is surely a positive, and it will be interesting to see where it goes next.

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