WWE NXT UK Results: Kenny Williams Cheats To Beat Amir Jordan In Grudge Match

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Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams were a tag team on the rocks as they faced Pretty Deadly for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, and that’s never a good sign. Williams wanted to cheat to win the belts, while Jordan felt that simply wasn’t needed. This led to Williams smashing Jordan with the title belt, and leaving him for Pretty Deadly to finish off.

Jordan was obviously mad about this betrayal, so now we have a grudge match between former partners. Williams would call Jordan the most incompitent wrestler on the NXT UK roster, and claimed he was the only reason they ever got wins. Tonight we will see if Amir Jordan is just too soft, or if he can beat Kenny Williams.

Amir Jordan Wastes No Time

As soon as the bell rang, Jordan got right into this one with some lariats before a running crossbody. Williams would slip inside and out of the ring to look for the high ground, before having his face driven off the apron and would run into the steel steps and hurt his knee. Back in the ring, Jordan would hit a running lariat for a two count before sending Williams back outside.

A baseball slide dropped Williams, but when thrown back into the ring he’d dodge a shoulder block and kick Jordan off the apron. Williams would rip off the support tape of the previously injured shoulder of Jordan, before chopping him across the back. A snapmare put Jordan down, and a scrap of the boot across the face did more to just annoy Jordan.

Williams attacked the arm with some hip drops, getting a two count before nailing a running lariat. Jordan would be hit with a northern lights suplex before Williams rolled back and hit a PK. The shoulder was attacked again with a straight jacket, but Jordan would fight free briefly.

Kenny Williams Bends The Rules Again

Williams would set Jordan up on the top rope, before looking for a superplex. Jordan would counter out and hit a dropkick, sending Williams across the ring before hitting a running neckbreaker. A diving senton bomb would land, but only get a two count.

They’d trade pinfall attempts on the floor, before Williams was nearly caught. Jordan hit an enziguri, before Williams bounced back off the ropes with a lariat. Williams would catch a superkick and hit a sitout facebuster for a two count. He’d look to expose a turnbuckle cover, but Jordan got a roll up for a two count.

Jordan dodged the Mule Kick lowblow as Williams shoved the referee into the corner, before nailing a superkick for a two count. Williams would expose a turnbuckle pad and slam Jordan face first into it, before spiking him into the mat.

Should Amir Jordan have won this match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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