WWE Raw Results (4/19) – Elias w/Jaxson Ryker Defeated Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods by Pinfall after Hitting a Flying Elbow; Alexa’s Playhouse – Story Time

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WWE Raw Results returned and Elias welcomed us back from his usual perch in the middle of the ring, and introduced Jaxson Ryker after he played a few notes.

Elias said they had the same problem last time with the speakers, and once again Woods was playing an instrument. This time a bass on the ramp.

Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods vs. Elias w/Jaxson Ryker

Elias hit a running knee for a quick pin attempt to start it off, then hit a spinning suplex for another pin attempt.

Elias hit a right to drop Kingston, then a stomp. Elias took time to jaw with Woods, and Kingston hit a Lou Thez press and then he stomped Elias.

Kingston came off the ropes, but Elias caught him and dropped Kingston on the top rope, then hit a stalling suplex.

Elias then stomped him down in the corner, and then slammed Kingston chest first on the apron before hitting an interesting suplex for a pin attempt.

Elias then locked in a wrist lock, but Kingston tried to fight out of it. Elias caught him with a knee and sent him into the corner where Kingston caught Elias’ charge with a boot.

Kingston then headed to the top rope and hit a crossbody for a near pinfall.

Kingston hit a series of kicks, but Elias pushed him into the ropes, but Kingston rolled through a sunset flip, then hit an SOS for a near pinfall.

Kingston hit a leaping forearm and threw Elias into the opposite corner, where Elias hit with a kick and headed to the top rope.

Kingston caught him and after Elias shoved him down, Kingston leaped back up and tried a hurricanrana but Elias blocked it.

Elias hit an elbow drop off the top rope for the win.

This was a nice change of pace. We’ve gotten so used to Elias losing we didn’t see this coming.

Alexa’s Playground

It opened with Bliss’ friend Lily on a swing, then the camera shifted to Bliss swinging next to her humming.

She said Lily didn’t just come into her life at WrestleMania. They’ve been friend for a very, very long time, and they were once on a playground this like one.

A little girl didn’t want to share her ice cream, and though Bliss isn’t a fan of strawberry ice cream, she shoved the girl off the swing and she broke her arm.

The moral of the story? Bliss got to eat all of her ice cream.

She then said that when the teachers asked her why she shoved her, she told them the truth that Lily made her do it.

The teachers thought she was crazy, but if Lily doesn’t like something she’ll let them know.

She then said to all the women on the Raw roster that Lily didn’t like the Fiend, and she doesn’t like any of them either.

She then burst out into laughter and started to swing.

Or else

Backstage, when they were asked about their actions earlier and if it was appropriate behavior, Rose and Brooke they’re not the bullies.

They took off when Jax came in and Baszler stopped her and told her to get her head back into the match and she’d better start paying attention or else.

Jax asked or else what? and Angel Garza came in and offered his services.

WWE Raw Results are glad they’re trying to find Garza a storyline, but we’re wondering what happened to Reginald?

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