WWE Smackdown Results (4/16) – Kevin Owens Stuns Sami Zayn after Count Out Win

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WWE Smackdown Results love seeing Sami Zayn in action, and he came out to the ring and we got a recap of Kevin Owens nailing Logan Paul with a stunner at WrestleMania, which led to Zayn losing it yet again.

He demanded to know where the real headline about him getting screwed is. WrestleMania was supposed to be his vindication and the stars were aligned.

Paul was there to help him expose everything and watch his grand victory, but it didn’t work out that way because Paul’s mind was poisoned by Owens and the WWE Universe, management, Michael Cole, etc.

He claimed he could feel Paul was different and he was distracted during his match because he was wondering what Paul was thinking.

That was the only reason Owens managed to squeak out his win, then demanded Owens come out to give him his retribution not that he’s not distracted.

He claimed Owens won’t come out because Zayn’s not distracted, and Owens came out.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

They started out with Zayn rolling to the floor to make Owens wait, and when Owens came out Zayn rolled into the ring.

Zayn tried it a third time, but Owens reversed course and caught him on the floor and hammered away before bouncing Zayn into the announce desk.

Owens rolled him into the ring and hit a couple of chops, sending Zayn into a corner.

He stomped Zayn down in another corner, but Zayn hit a kick and a couple of rights and sent Owens into the opposite corner.

Owens came out of the corner and nailed Zayn with a clothesline and a running senton off the ropes.

Zayn propped in a corner and rolled out of the ring when Owens attempted a cannonball. Zayn then hung Owens up on the ropes and hit him from behind.

Zayn pummeled Owens down with a series of strikes, then he choked out Owens on the middle rope.

Owens hit with a chop, and Zayn stomped him down in a corner and choked him out some more.

Owens then fought his way out of the corner with a series of rights and Zayn his a jawbreaker and a chop.

Owens hit a clothesline and suplexed Zayn onto the top rope and backed Zayn into a corner with some rights and chops as he put Zayn on the top rope.

Zayn fought Owens off and hit a sunset flip powerbomb for a near pinfall.

Zayn doesn’t get away

Back from commercial, Zayn was sitting on the top rope as he fought Owens off, but Owens dodged his attack and hit with a superkick for a near pinfall.

Owens then hit a senton off the top rope for another pinfall.

Owens whipped Zayn into the ropes and Zayne slipped out of the ring and crawled up the apron, but Owens caught him.

Owens threw him into the barricade then into the ring where he hit a knee and whipped Zayn into the ropes.

Zayn leapfrogged over him to avoid the pop up powerbomb, but Owens hit a backbreaker after a brief lockup for a near pinfall.

Zayn headed to the floor and Owens followed and threw him back into the ring.

Zayn pushed him away when Owens went for a stunner and headed to the floor. Owens tried to pull him in but Zayn poked him in the eye and happily took the count out.

Owens ran after him after the match and he dragged Zayn into the ring where he hit a stunner to drive his point home.

We were about to say it wasn’t a satisfying win for Owens, but he changed that so never mind.

Apollo Crews’ new guard

Backstage Apollo Crews was with Dabbo-Kato and he said Nigeria hasn’t stopped celebrating his Intercontinental Championship win.

He said he’d give Big E a rematch tonight, but he’s not there because of two words: Nigerian Nail.

He then introduced Dabbo as his Commander Azeez, a member of his royal guard.

WWE Smackdown Results are glad to see Dabbo back and can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

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