AEW Star John Silver Claims Working As An Extra For WWE Was Awful

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It’s hard to deny that John Silver is a special wrestler. He’s got freakish strength for his height, amazing agility and striking abilities, and the type of charisma that makes people absolutely love him. AEW is using him as an upper-midcard star, one of the bigger names in The Dark Order. However, before he worked with AEW? He did show up in WWE as an extra.

Alongside Alex Reynolds, they had a tag team match against Otis & Tucker, Heavy Machinery. It lasted two minutes and was a total squash, just serving to make Heavy Machinery look like beasts. However, John Silver has now spoken on how awful it can be to work as an extra in WWE.

John Silver Describes The Difference Between Working In WWE & AEW

While talking with Joey Karni on The Angle Podcast, John Silver would recall that night.

“It’s not a good feeling even though you’re happy to do it. There are plenty of people who are nice, but there’s also plenty that won’t even look at you like you better not even go near them. Like don’t contact them or they’ll bury you. It’s a little too much. In AEW, I like when people come up to me and say who they are and introduce themselves. You’re walking on eggshells constantly in WWE, and it’s really not a fun thing to do besides eat their catering. Doing extra work was awful there.”

This is likely why Silver only worked two matches for WWE, with the other being another squash match with Lars Sullivan in NXT. He felt out of place in the harsh lockeroom of WWE. But no matter what, you will always hear people praise the catering of WWE.

How He Got Started With AEW

He’d also speak on how he got started in AEW alongside Reynolds. Reynolds & Silver were ready to split before they got the call.

“We finally get the call from QT Marshall and he says he wants to book us for AEW. Like holy crap! We get there, and I see on the board it says Proud N’ Powerful vs. local talent. And we were the local talent, but after the match, Matt Jackson came up to me and Alex, and he’s very nonchalant when he talks. But he says what he means, and he’s like, ‘Hey, maybe we’ll bring you guys back every week, and every week you’ll be the local talent who gets beat up and that’ll be your thing for a while.”

So while Silver & Reynolds were brought into AEW in the same general role, they were treated well by some of the top names in the company. This had them stick around, then when Dark Order was rising they were some of the first names recruited. Now, Silver is a massive potential star, just waiting to return from injury.

Can you see John Silver becoming a champion in AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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