The Miz Has Suffered An Injury At Backlash Wrestlemania 

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It looks like the Miz may have suffered from bites from the match between Damian Priest and the Miz in a Lumberjack match with Zombies. It has now been reported that the Miz has suffered an ACL injury to his leg. It has not been confirmed if Miz will be missing time off for the injury but did miss this week’s Raw.

Where John Morrison went against Diemon Priest. There is no say if Miz was meant to have a match with Damian Priest in a rematch for the 100th time. Miz hasn’t responded since the match but did respond to the injury. 

The Miz responded after reports of being bitten by Zombies…

The Miz said this in a Tweet:

“Guys I feel great after last nights match….Promise.”

If the Miz is returning soon, it looks like he will have a new undead look. 

Will the Miz be out of action? 

If the Miz has suffered an ACL injury, he could be out for a period of time as it is usually classed as a very serious injury that has put a lot of wrestlers out. However, the Miz could return to manage John Morrison who hasn’t got a push since returning back in 2019 . The Miz has commented saying that John Morrison will get his time to shine, maybe it could be now. 

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