WWE 205 Live Results: Ever-Rise Defeat Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari Via The Sweet Taste

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Hot off a major tag team victory over fellow 205 Live originals, The Bollywood Boyz, Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari look to follow up by facing the other established tag team on the brand. This is Chase Parker & Matt Martel of Ever-Rise, who are close allies of the Bollywood Boyz. Can Ever-Rise bring the win back to BollyRise by overcoming Nese & Daivari?

Matt Martel Has A Hard Time Getting Moving In This Match

Martel would start alongside Nese, and it’s always hard to imagine that Martel makes the 205lb limit. Nese took him down with a hard back elbow before tagging in Daivari. Daivari would stomp him down by the ropes before tagging in Nese. Martel would try to crawl for a tag, but be pulled back to the wrong corner.

Daivari would throw him spine first into the corner, before Nese tagged back in for some more stomps. A spin kick to the stomach was followed by a knee lift, before a standing splash got a two count. Martel took some chops and punches from Daivari, who applied a chinlock soon after. He’d fight free before taking a dropkick.

Parker took a cheap shot from Daivari, and this finally got Martel fired up. He’d hit a DDT on Daivari, and finally could nearly make a tag. Nese would yank Parker off the apron just as Martel got close, a move that not only takes away the tag option, but breaks down the spirit of Martel as well.

Nese would hit the hotshot into springboard moonsault combo, before Daivari hit the persian lion splash for a two count. Parker yanked Martel out of the ring to break the pin, which while not a legal move isn’t gonna result in a DQ.

Never Count Ever-Rise Out

Martel got a back body drop on Nese before tagging Parker. Finally in the match, he’d explode on both Daivari & Nese before hitting a Gory Bomb on Nese for a two count. Nese would drive Parker into the corner and set up a superplex, but Parker took him down with a spinning neckbreaker.

Parker got the tag to Martel as they set up the finish, but Daivari made the save. Martel would be hit with a reverse DDT for a two count, before having to fight off a double superplex. Daivari slammed him down into the mat before Nese hit a 450 Splash, and Martel somehow kicked out.

Daivari hit some mounted punches to Martel, before tagging Nese. Martel fought free, and they’d hit a Samoan Drop/Neckbreaker combo for a two count. They’d follow up with a powerbomb before applying a Boston Crab to Nese. Daivari nailed a superkick to break the hold, and Parker nailed one as well.

Nese hit a bastard driver, before Parker hit a superkick to the back of his head to break the hold. Daivari went for the Hammerlock Lariat, but Martel blocked and hit a drop toe hold, before Parker launched off into an elbow drop.

Nese would take the Sweet Taste onto the ropes, and this one was over! Ever-Rise wins! Is this the start of a major run for Ever-Rise? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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