WWE Main Event Results: Jinder Mahal Defeats Jeff Hardy Via Khallas

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It’s not every day that two former WWE Champions meet on a show like WWE Main Event, but that was the case this week as Jeff Hardy took on Jinder Mahal on WWE’s lowest ranked show. This is both the return of Jinder Mahal to WWE, last being seen on the WWE India special, and return of Hardy after the crushing death of his father. Who would come out on top?

Jinder Mahal Has Some New Giants To Help Him Out

When Mahal made his way down the ring, he was joined by some backup. It wasn’t 205 Live favorites The Singh Brothers, who joined him during his run as WWE Champion. Instead, it’s Veer (formerly Rinku Singh) and (Dilsher) Shanky! This is a serious upgrade, as now he’s got two heavyweights to back him.

Mahal had the edge of Hardy just by bringing this surprise backup, now potentially having to fight off three men. Hardy rushed in with a forearm, but was shoved down and hit with a hard sidekick. A stomp from Jinder was followed by a scoop slam attempt, but Hardy slipped out and hit some punches in the corner.

Hardy was shoved off the ropes and hit with a back elbow strike, before Mahal applied a rear chinlock on the mat. Mahal wouldn’t be able to keep Hardy down, but Hardy jumped right into a scoop slam, and Mahal launched him over the top rope. Veer & Shanky made sure Hardy got back in the ring and Mahal reapplied a camel clutch before stomping Hardy down.

Some knee strikes by the ropes punished Hardy, before some shoulder thrusts in the corner. A suplex in the middle of the ring got Mahal a near fall, before he’d apply an abdominal stretch. Hardy broke out with a jawbreaker, and caught him with a running lariat.

The inverted atomic drop, leg drop and basement dropkick got a two count, before he’d go for and miss Whisper In The Wind. Mahal nailed a running knee strike to the face of Hardy, before dropping Hardy with Khallas for the win.

A very simple match which was more about the dominance of Mahal than anything else. He wrestled here like he did as WWE Champion, and showed improvements to that hard hitting style. Hardy did nothing of note, and a better comeback spot from Hardy would have went a very long way in making this one better. Match Rating: 2.25/5 (** 1/4)

What could be next for Jinder Mahal now that he has Shanky & Veer to back him up? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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