WWE Raw Results (5/3) – Damian Priest Defeated John Morrison w/The Miz by Pinfall via Hit the Lights

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WWE Raw Results returned as the Miz said he’s one of the most decorated superstar, and Morrison said he’s the most moist superstar Johnny Drip Drip.

The Miz then brought up the tomato fight last week and asked is that what someone of his pedigree deserves? He ran down his list of accomplishments and how he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer.

He said he’s an all time great that stacks up against anyone in WWE history.

Morrison asked what about him, and the Miz cut him off by saying he’s always the bad guy and when he asks for respect.

He said Damian Priest has left them no choice but to have John Morrison beat the respect into him.

John Morrison w/The Miz vs. Damian Priest

Morrison slipped under Priest and went for a rear waist lock that transitioned into a side headlock.

Priest threw him into the ropes and hit an inverted atomic drop followed by a leg sweep for a pin attempt.

Priest went for a writs lock, but Morrison slipped free and locked in a headlock.

Priest for loose and sent Morrison to the floor with a clothesline as we headed to commercial.

Morrison holds up

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Morrison hitting some kicks, but Priest countered a whip and hit a knee.

Morrison stripped him and hammered away with elbows, and then hit a running knee off the ropes for a pin attempt.

Morrison then slapped on a rear chin lock to wear Priest down, but Priest powered to his feet and Morrison hit with a knee to the midsection, but ran into a face plant off the ropes.

Priest nailed Morrison with a series of strikes, and then a series of kicks that Morrison stopped with a kick and right of his own.

Priest then hit a couple of kicks but Morrison ducked a spinning kick to his one of his own.

Priest nailed him with a splash in the corner and went for the Broken Arrow, but Morrison slipped out. Priest nailed him with a clothesline instead for a near pinfall.

Priest headed to the top rope, but the Miz distracted him and Morrison caught Priest and hit a Spanish Fly for a near pinfall.

Morrison went for Starship Pain, but Priest caught him by the leg.

The Mis distracted the ref and Morrison rolled Priest up, and would’ve won if it hadn’t been for the Miz.

Priest pushed through

Priest hit a bell ringer and Hit the Lights for the win.

This was a better match than we expected and it was nice to see Morrison being more than a jobber.

There are cracks showing in Morrison and Miz’s friendship, and this is going to be interesting going forward.

Sheamus welcomes Mansoor to Raw

Backstage, Mansoor signed a contract to join Raw with Pearce, and Sheamus came in and said the rumor that Carrillo challenging him doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Mansoor introduced himself and Sheamus mocked him and then invited him to accept his open challenge tonight.

It won’t be for the United States title, but taking a Brogue Kick is a great way for the fans to get to know him.

Mansoor said he knows Pearce said there’ve been changes, but he didn’t expect them to be so quick.

Pearce told him he’d better get used to it.

Braxton then brought in MVP and he said Lashley and Strowman’s match shouldn’t be happening. He said everyone knows Strowman doesn’t belong in that match.

He then went on to compare McIntyre and Lashley’s similar careers and said it wouldn’t surprise him if they team up to take out Strowman so they can have their one of one match.

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