WWE Raw Results (5/3) – Raw Tag Team Championship – AJ Styles and Omos (c) Defeated The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) by Pinfall to Retain the Tag Titles

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Styles and Woods started it off, and Styes tagged in Omos as his first act and WWE Raw Results admit that’s what we’d do.

Woods hit a couple of kicks, and Omos grabbed him and threw him across the ring. Omos followed it with a clubbing blow to Woods’ back, and then threw Woods into his corner to tag in Kingston.

Kingston came in and kicked Omos’ leg like Woods did, and Omos dropped him with one right.

Omos threw him into the ropes, but Kingston ducked a clothesline and hit a boot after holding onto the ropes.

Woods tagged in and they hit a double dropkick, but Omos came off the ropes and nailed both of them with a double clothesline.

Omos stomped Woods and tagged Styles in accidentally by giving Omos a high five, and the ref wouldn’t let him back out of it.

Once in the ring, Woods rolled him up for a quick pin attempt.

Woods then hit with a dropkick that sent Styles to the floor. Woods then tagged in Kingston before hitting Styles with a dropkick through the ropes.

Kingston went to hit a suicide dive but Omos stood in his way, so Kingston ran to his corner and from the top rope hit a reverse elbow on Styles as we headed to commercial.

Almost a new day

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Woods locking in an armbar on Styles, and then a dropkick for a pin attempt.

Woods shoved Styles back in their corner, and stomped him down and Kingston came in to take part, and they alternated for another round before Woods threw Kingston into him with a dropkick for a pin attempt.

Kingston locked in a wrist lock, but Styles fought out of it with a series of rights. Kingston nailed him with a jumping knee for a pin attempt.

Styles hit a jawbreaker to buy some time, but Kingston grabbed him by his tights. Styles hit a Pele Kick but Woods came in to keep him from tagging out.

Styles rolled out of a reverse suplex attempt and into a tag by Omos.

Omos grabbed Woods with an iron claw and dropped Kingston with a right. He then tossed Woods aside and hit Kingston with a backbreaker, and then Woods with a backbreaker.

Omos then hit both New Day members in opposite corners with a running splash, then hit Kingston with a chokeslam.

Woods hit him with a kick, and Omos nailed him with a big boot.

Styles tagged in and climbed onto Omos’ back to hit Woods with a Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

This is the way WWE Raw Results expected the match to go, but we have to admit he love the new Phenomenal Forearm delivery. What do you think of it?

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