WWE NXT UK Results: Meiko Satomura Ends Kay Lee Rays 649 Day Reign As NXT UK Women’s Champion (06/10)

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When Kay Lee Ray called for the best in the world to come face her for the NXT UK Women’s Championship, the best in the world came. Meiko Satomura is here in NXT UK, and has already faced Kay Lee Ray once for the title and came up short. However, after winning a gauntlet match she’s back in another match with Kay Lee Ray, and ready to show the Forever Champion that all things end eventually.

Last Match Had Respect, This One Had Pure Malice

The bell would ring, and despite an empty arena there was a big match feel for this one. Satomura started off with some leg kicks to KLR, and KLR took a corner before coming out with a superkick. She would miss but get an early chance at The Gory Bomb, but Satomura countered and nearly got her with a Death Valley Bomb. KLR would head outside to clear her head, but Satomura followed.

Satomura threw KLR into the ring, but took a superkick as she came through the ropes. Taking advantage, KLR got a two count before applying a chinlock. Satomura loosened the hold and was thrown off the ropes, but was able to stop and get more heavy strikes on KLR. KLR would get a handful of hair to break a pinfall, and hit some hard open handed chops to the chest of Satomura before looking for a suplex.

She’d instead opt for a snapmare and rolled into a kick for a quick pin attempt. A face drop suplex got a two count, before KLR moved into a Koji Clutch. Satomura broke free and would apply an STF. KLR was just barely able to get the ropes, and slip outside of the ring. She’d trip Satomura and twist her into a kick, before springing through the ropes for a knee drop to the face.

KLR would keep the pressure on, before countering an attempt at a comeback with a springboard with a quick forearm shot. Satomura would block the Gory Bomb and go for the Death Valley Bomb. KLR blocked into a roll up before taking a DDT, and Satomura went for and missed the cartwheel knee drop. They have each other extremely well scouted, to say the least.

Meiko Satomura Shows Why She’s The Final Boss

KLR would hit a desperate Death Valley Bomb, and Satomura came right back with a Gory Bomb. Satomura was unable to capitalize following this major blow but did get a chance to recover. She’d shrug off a superkick right to the jaw with a smile, before trading forearms with KLR. A European Uppercut and the cartwheel knee drop got a two count, and KLR fired up for a tornado DDT.

Satomura was right back up and took another superkick, but this time she fell… only to get up for a second. She’d get back up for a third, and played opossum to set up a Saito Suplex and Death Valley Bomb. KLR was able to kick out at two and hit another superkick and a Gory Bomb. Satomura would be hit with a Swanton Bomb off the top rope, and was still able to kick out.

KLR would look to leave with her title, as she would retain with DQ or a count out. Satomura dodged the belt shot and hit a Death Valley Bomb on the floor. KLR would do her best to stay out of the ring, and we’d see why when she hit a Gory Bomb onto the apron. Satomura kicked out at two once again, before hitting a back body drop and going to the top rope. KLR set up a Superplex, but Satomura got a Sunset Flip Bomb. Satomura looked for the Sleeper Hold, but KLR fell into the ropes.

Satomura nailed a Pele Kick, but KLR countered the pin into a Koji Clutch. It would be turned into a pin and Satomura hit a wheel kick. Another Death Valley Bomb and Scorpio Rising would be next, and that was all the reign of KLR had. 649 days, 6 defenses, and Satomura ended it.

This almost was better than their first match, with Satomura & KLR not wasting time playing nice. They tore into each other from the opening bell, and climbed up to a furious pace of signature moves all over the arena. It would have been nice to see KLR end her reign in front of a crowd, but the time was perfect, and Satomura deserved the win. Match Rating: 4.5/5 (**** 1/2)

Who will step up to Meiko Satomura first for a shot at the new NXT UK Women’s Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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