Impact Wrestling Speculation – What Happened Post Slammiversary? Jay White to Challenge Kenny Omega? Are FinJuice and Sami Callihan Together?

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This year’s Slammiversary was a really good show throughout as they had good matches and brought in some cool new talent, but they also ran into a WCW problem as they went off the air as someone ran to the ring leaving fans to wonder what happened post Slammiversary?

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s back up slightly to what led to that moment.

With Kenny Omega surviving Sami Callihan, The Good Brothers came out to celebrate with him.

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW)’s Jay White came out and stood across from them and didn’t return their Too Sweet salute.

Since he’s the leader of the “real” Bullet Club, it’s opened the floodgates for fans to speculate that he’s going to face off with Omega for ultimate control.

But before anything could be done, someone ran out to the ring as the pay-per-view ended, leaving everyone not in attendance.

It took a couple of days for news about what happened to leak out, and we want to thank @wrestlingmaniac24__.

The story

It’s been reported that FinJuice ran to the ring and were quickly beaten down and White hit Juice Robinson with his finisher but no other hostilities happened between White and Omega.

This has all of the elements of a fun power struggle between the two as White may want to bring Omega back but not as the leader of the Bullet Club.

The fact Omega unofficially restarted the Bullet Club with the Good Brothers and Young Bucks will be a point of contention between the two.

Of course, thanks to a fan’s video of the end of Slammiversary, it looks like Callihan came in and stood with FinJuice afterwards.

With Jay White appearing on Impact Wrestling this week, it makes us wonder if the two Bullet Clubs are the only battle lines being drawn or are FinJuice and Callihan possibly joining forces to enter the fray?

It’s one of several possibilities we’re looking forward to finding out this week when everyone’s back at the Impact Zone and hopefully some answers to the questions will start to come out.

There’s a definite powershift going on, and while we don’t see anyone in Impact currently built up to take on Kenny Omega, this will buy them some time to begin the process.

Until then, we’re sure Jay White will make things interesting for Omega, and if the two join up, we could see Callihan recreate OVE with some new members.

We’re in for some fun times in the coming weeks. How do you think what happened post Slammiversary will play out? Let us know in the comments below.

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