Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results (7/17) – Knockouts Championship – Deonna Purrazzo (c) Defeated Thunder Rosa by Pinfall via a Queen’s Gambit; Mickie James put Purrazzo in her Place afterwards; No Disqualification – Impact World Championship – Kenny Omega (c) w/Don Callis Defeated Sami Callihan by Pinfall; Jay White Surprised Everyone

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Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results is heading down the homestretch and we’re stoked to see who the mystery opponent is.

Rosa went right up to Purrazzo, showing no intimidation. This is going to be a great one as the crowd was split 50/50.

They started it off with a lock up and jockeyed for position before breaking. Their second attempt led to an exchange of wrist holds and take downs as they put on a wrestling clinic.

They both went for arm drags and then exchanged more attempts before Rosa rolled Purrazzo up for a pin attempt.

An exchange of words led to a shove by Rosa and another rollup and then she put Purrazzo in the ropes for a dropkick and near pinfall.

Purrazzo caught Rosa in the ropes and hit a draping arm breaker. Purrazzo then locked in an octopus, but Rosa backed into a corner to break the hold.

Purrazzo stomped her down, but ate a missile dropkick after having her plans in the corner thwarted.

Rosa hit a couple of clotheslines and a splash in the corner, followed by double knees and a running dropkick.

To the limit

Purrazzo hit a leg sweep and locked in a Fujiwara armbar, but Rosa fought out of a double armbar and locked in a sleeper hold.

Purrazzo reversed the hold and went back to her armbar but Rosa rolled out of it.

Rosa hit a Death Valley Driver on her knee for a near pinfall. Rosa headed to the top rope, but Purrazzo caught her with a palm strike.

Rosa fought out of it with a headbutt and it a double stomp for a near pinfall.

After exchanging blows and kicks, Purrazzo countered a Thunder Roll into a pin attempt, and followed it with the Queen’s Gambit for the win.

After the match, Mickie James came out and said it’s great to be back in Impact.

Purrazzo took offense at having her moment stolen, and James said she’s not there to fight her and she has mad respect for her.

James invited her to come to NWA Empower and Purrazzo said everyone wants her and told James to grab her trash bag and get out of there.

James slapped her and hit a superkick.

No Disqualification – Impact World Championship – Kenny Omega (c) w/Don Callis vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan flipped Omega off during the introductions and attacked Omega from behind and hit a piledriver for a near pinfall.

Callihna then went fishing under the ring and tossed a chair into the ring, then a he emptied a trash can and threw it into the ring.

Callihan headed back into the ring and grabbed a chair and sat down while he locked in a rear chin lock.

Callihan then held him by his hair and pulled out a fork but Omega fought him off with a reverse headbutt.

Omega hit a couple of moves then went for a sunset flip and Callihan pulled out a pizza cutter and sliced along Omega’s forehead.

Callihan then fixed his hair in the pizza cutter, then went back and worked it back and forth on Omega’s forehead.

The fans wanted it one more time, and Callihan obliged with another slice. Omega hit an elbow and some strikes and chops.

Callihan hit a Death Valley Driver off the ropes and Omega rolled to the floor.

Omega met Callihan’s dive with a trach can lid, and then tossed some signs and cooking tins into the ring.

He hit Callihan with a trashcan lid and cooking sheets to no effect, but a wet floor sign finally dropped him.

Omega grabbed the trash can and set it on the ring post and hit a slam. Omege grabbed the trashcan and hit a moonsault with it on Callihan’s legs for a pin attempt Callihan kicked out at one.

Omega grabbed the chair and set it up in the ropes, then hit a couple of chops and went for a one winged angel Callihan slipped out of and Omega sent him head first into the chair in the ropes.

Omega chocked him out on the rope and then stomped him as he grabbed a fork and dug it into Callihan’s forehead.

Omega then dug it into Callihan’s mouth and would’ve made Abdullah the Butcher proud.

Omega followed Callihan to the floor and threw him into the barricade, but Callihan fought back with some chops and chopped the ring post when Omega ducked.

No giving up

Omega backdropped him on the ring apron, and then pulled out a table and dropped it across Callihan and hit a double stomp off the apron.

Omega set the table aside and pulled out a second one and set it up next to the ring and put Callihan on the apron.

Omega tried a snapdragon suplex onto the table but Callihan blocked it and bit Omega’s hand and they exchanged blows as the stood on the table and Callihan grabbed a handful of Omega and hit a piledriver through the table.

He rolled Omega into the ring and pulled a plywood sheet from under the ring and another trash can, tossing the can into the ring and hitting Omega’s back.

Callihan set the board up in the corner, then nailed Omega with a trash can and slammed his head into it a couple of times.

Callihan blocked his third attempt but Callihan side suplexed him into the top of the can and powerbombed him through the board for a near pinfall.

Callihan pulled a bard wired chair from under the ring steps and slid it into the ring. Callihan set the chair up in the middle of the ring, but Omega hit a V-Trigger and Omega face planted him into the chair then powerbombed him into the chair.

Another V-Trigger hit for a pin attempt but Callihan grabbed the ropes. Omega stacked cans and boards in the middle of the ring and superplexed Callihan into it for a near pinfall.

Omega hit another V-Trigger and went for a one winged angel, but Callihan slipped free. Callihan the Tombstone Piledrove Omega on the barbed wire chair for a near pinfall.

Omega rolled to the floor while Callihan fired himself up, and Omega threw salt into Callihan’s eyes and Callihan piledrove the referee.

How does he do it?

Omega hit him with the championship belt, and then mocked Callihan’s thumbs down and hit a spiked piledriver but Callihan kicked out when a new ref came in and Omega knocked the new ref out.

The Good Brothers tried to interfere, but Edwards and Sabin fought them off and Callihan hit a package piledriver for a near pinfall.

Callihan headed back to the floor and pulled out a bag of thumbtacks and dumped them in the ring.

Callis went to distract Callihan and Omega threw thumb tacks into Callihan’s eyes and hit a V-Trigger, then loaded his knee with tacks and hit a V-Trigger but Callihan kicked out again.

Omega forced tacks into Callihan’s mouth and hit a V-Trigger, and then hit a one winged angel on the tacks for the win.

The lights went out and Jay White, the leader of the Bullet Club, came out and walked around the ring before climbing in and stood across from Omega and the Good Brothers.

Jay didn’t return their gesture and someone ran out but the show went off the air before we could see anything.

This was a great show and match. What did you think of it? Let us know below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results. We had a great time and can’t wait for Thursday.

See you then!

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