WWE NXT Results: Kyle O’Reilly Defeats Austin Theory Via Kneebar (07/20)

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It’s time for Kyle O’Reilly to start his climb back to the top of NXT. He lost his last match against Adam Cole at the Great American Bash, which was a crushing loss for a variety of reasons. Last week, Austin Theory called O’Reilly out, and tonight they will end up in the ring together. Theory has to get out of this mess himself however, as Gargano just isn’t in the mood after his NXT Championship failure last week.

Austin Theory Rides Alone Tonight

Theory had a new solo theme tonight, but the realization that he was alone came when he tried to do a no look high five. O’Reilly would work over the arm of Theory early on, looking to take away the power advantage, but failing as Theory would suplex him. Theory would follow up in the corner with some strikes before snapmaring O’Reilly to the mat and hitting a stomp.

O’Reilly was getting outworked as Theory applied a side headlock takeover, and blocked the headscissor escape attempt. The moment O’Reilly was free, he looked for a single leg takedown before Theory was able to block. O’Reilly went behind Theory and got an elbow to the face, before getting a slap to the face of Theory and finding his rhythm.

Theory was sent over the top rope, and hit with a knee strike to the back sending him hard down into the barricade. Throughout the picture in picture break, O’Reilly would show that he has regained control of the match with some strikes and submission attempts, but Theory launched off a quick backbreaker to gain some ground.

Kyle O’Reilly Snaps

Back live, Theory would be taken down with a flurry of quick strikes and sent into the corner. He’d nail a palm strike and the rolling thunder blockbuster for a two count. O’Reilly would catch a kick right into a kneebar. Theory would roll to the apron to save himself, before hitting a rolling fisherman suplex in the ring for a near fall.

O’Reilly would counter an irish whip and hit the knee to the midsection. Some more strikes would follow as he cut Theory down to size with a leg sweep. In the corner, O’Reilly hit a big forearm before the armbreaker. Another knee in the corner, before Theory was taken to the mat into an armbar.

O’Reilly would be blocked but moved into an ankle lock, with Theory getting to the ropes. Theory would counter O’Reilly in the corner with a huge Blue Thunder Bomb, before a cross legged Fisherman Neckbreaker. O’Reilly kicked out, and Theory started to lose control, but so did O’Reilly. The steel steps were brought out and O’Reilly was seeing Adam Cole and his neck injury.

Back in the ring, O’Reilly had snapped and was a machine. Theory was battered with vicious strikes, before the flying knee strike to the back of the ankle. A kneebar was applied, and O’Reilly forced the submission and would have a hard time letting the hold go.

This was both a star making performance for Theory, while adding some extra character as O’Reilly showed a more dangerous side of himself. Great action and storytelling here, and O’Reilly is now more interesting thanks to it. Match Rating: 3.25/5 (*** 1/4)

Will Kyle O’Reilly use this new edge to become a singles champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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