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AEW Dynamite Recap & Results (10/16/2019)


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AEW Dynamite Recap & Results (10/16/2019)

We have a stacked episode of AEW Dynamite ahead of us tonight! You can see my preview of tonight’s proceedings right here. Two title matches, two tournament matches and a star-studded tag await us! I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer, here to recap the blow-by-blow as always. Watch this space!

We kick things off tonight with the first of our Tag Team Title tournament matches!

SCU emerge… but the Lucha Bros come out to jump them on the rampway! Fenix gets Kazarian with a ridiculously hard posting! Penta has Daniels hooked… Package Piledriver onto the ramp! Jesus! Fenix hooking Kazarian now in spite of his struggling, but Scorpio Sky comes out to make the save. Daniels is completely laid out though… will Scorpio have to sub in now?

Got the stretcher out for Daniels now. CIMA and the Young Bucks emerge to aid him. And yeah, they’re saying he obviously can’t wrestle and Socrpio tears the shirt off, starts taping himself up as he enters the ring to sub in.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1: Best Friends vs. SCU

SCU now in a bad way with this scenario, Kazarian still favoring his back, Scorpio clearly wasn’t expecting to compete. Kaz does start against Chuckie T, Chuck quickly targets the back, power whips him to the corner. Takes Scorpio off the apron as Baretta tags in, Chuck throws Kazarian into a cutter for a quick 2. Taylor with a huge piledriver, Baretta with a Shining Wizard, Scorpio has to break up the count! This is not feeling like it’ll be a long one. Trent with a big deadlift German Suplex to Scorpio! Chuckie T bites his toes to a chant of, well the same chant they gave Moxley at Fyter. Double teaming on the outside, Taylor with a running foot stomp to the back of Scorpio, running forearm to Kazarian, whips him into a big spear from Trent! High five as a loud chant of “Best Friends” starts.

Baretta pounding Kazarian in the corner now. Wicked chop. Takes him up top, pursues, wants a superplex. Kazarian with some body shots, slap to the face, gets an interfering Chuckie T as well. Chuckie comes in, gets Baretta in an Electric Chair, big time assisted Superplex sends Kazarian almost all the way across the ring! Nearfall. “This Is Awesome” chant. Kazarian with an elbow, leap frog to get to his corner, hot tag! Scorpio in with one shoe on for the hot tag! Double foot stomp to the back of Chuck, clotheslines Trent to the floor! Chant of “He’s got one shoe” as Chuckie low bridges Scorpio to the floor. Chuck goes for a tope, but Scorpio evades and he wipes out Trent! Flying hurricana off the apron from Kazarian takes Chuckie down! Enormous tope gets both down, Scorpio landing on his feet! Goes into the ring to a huge ovation and chant of “SCU”, and someone throws Scorpio his shoe!

Scorpio decides to go fully shoeless, chant of “He’s got no shoes”, tag to Kazarian, springboard leg drop for 2. Chuckie comes in, Eat Dafeet/Tazplex combo! They wanna hug, but Scorpio comes in to break it up. He was so popular up until then… meets a knee from Trent, Chuckie Knee follows to take Scorpio out of the ring! Big hug, big pop! Chuckie gets Kazarian onto his shoulders, Doomsday Knee! Nearfall, very close! Tag to Trent, loud chant of “Best Friends”. Trent gets Kazarian ready for a piledriver onto the apron… Kazarian fighting it. Scorpio in to help him out, Chuckie intercepts but gets tossed into the barricade! Trent still wants the driver but Kazarian back body drops him onto the apron! Gets him into the ring, tag to Scorpio, Powerbomb/Dropkick to the head looked rough and painful. And that’s the match!

Winners: SCU

Interesting turn of events. Seems like we’re foreshadowing an SCU/Lucha Bros final now, doesn’t it? Either way, lovely opener as always. Scorpio with a dance on the stage afterwards, does the splits to a massive ovation. Scorpio looks primed to be a big singles star at some point.

Commercial with inset, we see Santana and Ortiz emerge from the Inner Circle locker room. Looks like they’re on the way to the ring! And indeed it would appear some jobbers are out now. I guess an inset entrance beats the usual untelevised entrance!

Santana & Ortiz vs. Jon Silver & Alex Runnels

Santana opens, ducks a clothesline from Silver, pump kicks Runnels off the apron. Diving back elbow in the corner to Silver, tag to Ortiz, whips him into a sit-out bomb, rolls him into a basement dropkick from Santana! Santana out on the apron, running kick to Runnels! Ortiz stomps away at Silver, bites the ropes. Rakes the back, pantomimes claws. Electric Chair/Blockbuster combo follows! It’s called the Street Sweeper. That is that.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz

Simple, total squash, showing their skills and character. Easy to see already the potential in these two. They then pose on the ramp and setup a little video on the tron from Chris Jericho who applauds them. Says that’s why Santana and Ortiz are in the Inner Circle, they’re street thugs, pitbulls among pitbulls. They’ll pick your pocket and kick your ass. He says they want to beat the top team prior to them getting there… he announces the challenge; Santana & Ortiz vs. The Young Bucks at Full Gear! Jericho says they’ve never been in a fight like they’ll have in Baltimore. Santana and Ortiz are loudly boasting during this without mics, Ortiz constantly yelling “THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST”

Lovely stuff.

We see a video of Cody and Brandi in their kitchen as Brandi informs him of his schedule. He stands and gives her a kiss before leaving to his truck. Narration from Brandi calls Cody the most passionate person she’s ever met. As soon as he challenged Jericho, she knew that they’d just lose him for this period of time. DDP explains that he was as driven at 12 as he was back then. His mom talks about how he always drove himself to do the best he could. MJF explains that Cody is the face of this company but he’s not the champion, which bothers him. Because he wants to prove that him leaving ‘that other place’ was not a mistake.

JR talks about how Jericho only has his title match to think about when they get to Baltimore whereas Cody will have so much else to deal with as EVP. Tony Schiavone says he’s as focused on Chris Jericho as anything else he’s done. DDP talks up Cody doing things unprecedented. But he does a Dusty impression to say, “The only thing that’s real in this business is to get that first world title.” Explains that until you get that, something’s missing. Workout clips from Cody. They’re doing what everyone asked and putting a Road To segment on AEW Dynamite. MJF says November 9th, history will be made and a legend will be born. Everybody talks it up like it’s the most important match of his life.

Women’s title match time! Baker out sporting a black eye from her last encounter with Bea Priestley.

AEW Women’s World Championship: Riho (c) vs. Britt Baker

Lock-up, and man Baker indeed looks enormous next to Riho. Arm drags take Riho over. Dueling chant starts though Riho’s half is much louder. Riho escapes on some exchanges with her quickness, Britt takes her to the mat but Riho drags herself to the ropes to break up any pin attempt. Meet in the middle again, Baker looking for her submission known as Lockjaw! Riho kicks her way to the ropes again to escape. Baker with some shots to Riho out there, wants to take her into the post but Riho stops her, goes up top. Baker pursues and poudns on the back. Hooks an arm, wants a superplex of some sort. Riho punches her down to the mat. Comes off the top with a crossbody, Britt rolls through to cover but Riho matrixes out of it, dropkick! Big ovation!

Riho wants a suplex, but Britt blocks it. Riho floats over, waistlock, Baker elbows her in the mouth, Riho with a roll through double foot stomp to the stomach! Running knee in the corner follows! Wants a suplex again, struggles but nails the snap suplex! Goes up top, wants a diving stomp, Britt evades it, huge slingeblade follows! Baker gets her up onto her shoulders, Riho escapes for a waistlock, forearms, Baker just takes her up again though, TKO! Running single leg dropkick, finally covers for 2! Riho gets a series of cradles, Baker cuts her off with a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker, thrust kick to the face! Both looked brutal, cover gets a nearfall! Riho showing some fire now trying to strike back, ducks a clothesline, gorgeous Northern Lights Suplex, bridge for 2! Single leg crab follows!

Baker is struggling, people getting behind Riho wanting the tap! Riho drags her to the center! But finally Britt is able to get to the ropes! But immediately Riho up top, double foot stomp to the spine! Nearfall! Goodness. Riho in the corner, charging double knees to the ribs! Baker kicks out yet again. Riho with a charge, Baker evades it, she ends up slamming into the corner. Spinning forearm, Paige Turner, hooks in Lockjaw! Riho struggles, tries her damnedest to keep her mouth shut… eventually Britt pries it open, but she’s so focused, Riho’s able to turn her over into a flash pin! Baker is caught, Riho retains!

Winner: Riho

Real good match, great finish. Afterwards the two square off. Baker offers her hand and Riho takes it!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1: Jurassic Express vs. Lucha Bros.

We start with Marko Stunt in there with Penta. I fear for him. Penta Cero Miedos and shoves him into the ropes at the same time. Boos for it. Marko shoves him away and gives him The Floss. Penta replies by stripping off the glove, pretending to toss it to Aubrey but instead hurls it at Jungleboy. He wants another Cero Meido but Marko bites his fingers! Jungleboy comes in, Marko leaps off his shoulders for a headsccisor takedown! Fenix in, Marko gets a headscissor in on Penta who throws him right into a DDT to Fenix! Jungleboy with a headsccisor DDT of his own! Double dives from both of the boys wiping out the Lucha Bros! Jungleboy gets Penta into the ring, Assisted Splash/Legdrop, nearfall!

Tiger Feint Kick from Marko leads to a German Suplex from Jungleboy for 2! Running elbow, tag to Marko, whips him into a vicious superkick! Back body drop handstands Jungleboy on the top rope, big superkick to the face! Tag to Fenix, comes in with a forward roll into a leaping knee to the face! Marko comes up, Fenix takes him up top rope, big chop to the chest of Jungleboy, wristlock, several springs onto the ropes, high kick to the head of Marko before a massive arm drag to Jungleboy, huge ovation! Penta tags in, catches flying Marko, Pumphandle Pentagon Driver! Nearfall?!

Match went very fast there so I missed recapping a spot or two, apologies. Penta then bickers with Aubrey. Fenix drives Jungleboy into the steps on the outside. Penta keeps trying to punk out Aubrey whilst giving stinging kicks to Marko. Commercial, match continues in the inset. Penta hooks Marko in the ropes, wicked chest chop! Fenix comes in and does the same. Looks like some brutal isolation. Pentagon has Marko down, kicks to the head as he boasts around. Kick to the leg takes Marko out. Stinging kick from Fenix as he’s caught in the corner! Penta whips Marko to the corner as we come back, Marko avoids a charge, shot from the apron, comes in with a running leg lariat taking Penta out! Jungleboy is begging for a tag, as is the crowd! Simultags, Jungleboy ducks a clothesline, huge elbow strike to Fenix! Penta tries to cut him off and gets a flipping Reverse DDT! Huge reverse powerslam to Fenix! Suicide dive from Marko to take out Penta, flipping double knees to the back of Fenix! Marko off the top with a 450, setting up a running Shooting Star from Jungleboy, nearfall!

We get the 10 minute reminder now as Jungleboy tags to Marko. Penta sneaks up and gets a shock Destroyer! Penta is tagged back in, grabs Marko by the hair and whips him around and around, like a giant swing by the head! He’s swinging him like this for like ten seconds, ridiculous. Double Footstomp/Package Piledriver combo, Fenix with a suicide dive to Jungleboy as Pentagon pins Marko, that is of course it.

Winners: Lucha Bros

Good match! Got across Marko’s appeal pretty well, and Pentagon is really scary in there with guys like him. Lucha Bros likely to go deep in this tournament.

And we go right into this big time tag match! We see a quick promo from Moxley as he makes his way out, proclaiming himself to be the top of the food chain. Omega out to a massive pop as Moxley is in the ring just gesturing for him to enter. Staredown between all four men, lotta tension. “Happy birthday” chant for Omega.

PAC & Jon Moxley vs. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

Omega jumps Moxley… amber alert cuts off my TV. Come back to see Omega and Moxley brawling, shocked to see them starting out here. Moxley with a clothesline, pummeling him on the ground! Page comes in to kick him away, PAC tags himself in and disposes of him with an enziguri. Flips over Omega, kick meets an idiot charge, Omega goes up for his Taro Crusher! Omega turns and goes for Moxley but Mox escapes to the floor. PAC then muscles Omega to the corner, double teaming ensues as Mox takes the opportunity to tagin and batter him. Big corner clotheslines, snapmare into a Finlay style cover. Huge kick to the face of Omega. Omega fights back with chops, but a Kitchen Sink knee cuts him off.

Mox wants a suplex but Omega counters, snap suplex! Tag to Hangman, clips both men, springing forearm takes PAC to the floor, pescado wipes him out! Flying clothesline to Mox, 2 count! Page wants a Deadeye, Moxley escapes to the apron, running big boot takes him to the floor. Page to the corner, wants his moonsault, PAC distracts and Mox shoves him from the top rope, Page flips over to slam backfirst into the apron! Goodness. Commercial. In the inset, PAC nails a beautiful flipping tope. Mox throws Omega into the barrier. PAC out, does the same! Mox throws Page hard into the corner. And again in the opposite corner! Stomp to the gut, cover gets a quick 2. PAC tags in, running dropkick to the back. Stomp to the face. Isolating Page now, tag to Mox, they get a double suplex in!

Running kick to the head, PAC mocks Omega who’s out begging for a tag. PAC takes Page to the corner, quick tags, we come back in time to see Mox with a basement clothesline! Hooks Page into a Sharpshooter until Omega runs in to break it up! PAC sends him to the floor. Mox throws Page out but he lands on the apron.Big boot from the apron, Buckshot Lariat ducked, strong style clothesline follow instead, discus lariat takes him out! Simultag, Omega slides under a kick, PAC gets a spin kick but Omega hoists him onto the shoulders, YOU CAN’T ESCAPE rolling fireman’s carry into Moonsault nailed for a nearfall! Omega now wants a Snap Dragon, Mox runs and gets one instead! And then another to PAC! Second one to Mox! Yikes! Omega puts the fists to the mat, Terminator Clap ensues. Omega hits both rides of the ropes, Tope con Hilo wipes out PAC!

He’s about to throw him into the ring, when Moxley interrupts with a suicide dive! Just to complete things, Page with a huge moonsault to the floor! Back in, tag to Page. Double team running blows to PAC, Omega gets him with a Buckle Bomb, vicious discus punch, Omega with a sit-out powerbomb setting PAC up for the running Shooting Star from Page, Mox has to break up the pin! “This Is Awesome” chant starts, Mox gets Page with a Black Hole Slam, V-Trigger knee takes out Mox! PAC escapes a corner charge, springs in for a cutter! Page backdrops PAC to the floor, destructive suicide dive! And now Mox and Omega face to face to a huge ovation! Trading blows! Mox with knees to the face, Omega with a wicked chop! Mox with a headbutt, Omega gets a big V-Trigger! Hits the ropes, enormous clothesline flips Omega onto his head! Jesus!

The two both slip to the outside… where they pull out the weapons from last week! Barbed wire bat and barbed wire broom! Mox intimidates the ref into leaving the ring as the two stand off… Moxley ducks the broom, gives Omega shot to the gut… PAC comes in to throw the weapons away! Huge jeers as PAC tells Mox to “use your head”, doesn’t wanna get DQ’d! Moxley flips him off, Dirty Deeds takes PAC down! (Different from the Paradigm Shift, trust me…) Huge ovation, chant for Moxley as he makes his leave! Buckshot Lariat from Page, V-Trigger from Omega, Deadeye gets the pin!

Winners: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

Awesome, awesome match and the finish was pretty in-line with my predictions. Neat to see Hangman finally get a pin over PAC. Gonna look forward to the inevitable Mox/PAC match!

And now, only the AEW World Title match remains...

Quick rundown of next week’s card, Tag Team Tournament semi-finals, Britt Baker and the Young Bucks in action… and yep, main event will be PAC vs. Jon Moxley!

Darby skateboards his way down the ramp for his entrance, and has ‘Champ’ written all over his painted half. Jericho, as promised, comes out in the Painmaker attire, complete with the facepaint.

Philadelphia Street Fight for the AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Darby Allin

Bell rings, Darby with a running dropkick! Double legs, pummels Jericho! Throws to the ropes, clotheslines him over the top! Darby on the apron, Jericho tries to clip, Darby flips to the mat, hits the ropes, missile-like suicide dive takes down Jericho! Throws him into the ring, Jericho kicks him on the way in! Back suplex. Chops to Darby in the corner! Whips him to the opposite corner, rugged clothesline to the back of the head! Jericho pulls Darby up, loud “Darby” chant. Darby lands on his feet off a back suplex, uses his quickness to avoid some shots, gets some sharp blows in, Code Red for a nearfall! Jericho pops up, clothesline flips Darby inside out!

Darby tries to fight his way up but Jericho is clobbering him. Throws him to the corner, Darby hits the posts and flips brutally to the floor! Goodness. Jericho poses as the crowd rises. Last commercial break of the night follows. We come back to see Jericho with a kendo stick. Takes it to the back of Darby Allin! Chokes him with it as “Darby” chants come up. Jericho takes him to his feet, shoots him to the ropes, big stick shot to the stomach! Jericho goes up top with the kendo stick. Darby gets him with a shot to the gut on the way down! Darby laying in punches, floats over and charges but Jericho catches him with a back elbow. Crucifix follows… wow, close kickout! Darby with the kendo stick now, vicious shots! O’Conner Roll, Jericho kicks out but Darby gets him with a springboard crossbody! Jericho kicks out, only for Darby to immediately transition into a Fujiwara Armbar!

Jericho flips over, transitions to the Walls of Jericho! Darby grabs the ropes and Jericho keeps the hold in to some real heat. Argues with Aubrey for yet more boos. Darby gets him with a kendo stick shot to the face, off the top rope with a crosbody! Nearfall! Codebreaker! Darby barely gets the hand on the rope to save himself! Jericho goes out and gets a chair. Shot to the gut, brutal crack across the back! Sets the chair up in the corner! “We want tables” chant, Jericho whips Darby, Darby slides to avoid the chair, Jericho wants to lawndart him but Darby counters with his flip Stunner! Nearfall. Darby hung up in the ropes, Jericho pulls him away right into the Walls! Sits back deeeeep! Darby is struggling… but he makes it to the ropes again!

Jericho slow to break once more. Chant of “It’s a street fight”, they don’t like the ropebreaks I suppose. Jericho outside… gets some duct tape! He’s taping Darby’s wrists together! Jericho makes like he’s gonna throw the tape to the crowd, then just drops them to the floor. Chops Darby in the corner, hip tosses send Darby flying. Darby’s helpless. Throws him to a corner, Darby evades a charge, springboard moonsault with no arms! Nearfall!!! Dropkick takes Jericho to the outside… no armed tope through the ropes! Incredible stuff. He worms his way into the ring, somehow climbs to the top rope with no hands! Divebomb like headbutt to a standing Jericho, Darby crawls backwards to cover him, narrow nearfall!

Darby with some kicks, until Jericho gets him with a brutal clothesline that throws his head back! Jericho takes Darby’s skateboard into the ring, Double Arm Suplex drives him onto the board! Nearfall! Jericho gets the chair, swings it at Darby’s head, he ducks, dropkicks it into Jericho’s face! Darby struggles to the top rope once again… Hager comes in to knock him off, big heat! Jericho gets Darby into the Walls, he’s entirely helpless to even tap out, ref calls for the bell!

Winner: Chris Jericho

As expected, a very inventive, kickass match. The rest of the Inner Circle comes out to celebrate, quite a bit of the bubbly is spilled as we go off!

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