AEW News: Jimmy Havoc To Face Dr. Luther On AEW Dark

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While most wrestlers would want to avoid facing a deathmatch legend like Dr. Luther, this is probably been a dream of Jimmy Havocs. After Jimmy Havoc defeated Sonny Kiss on a recent episode of AEW Dark, Dr. Luther would appear on screen and challenge Havoc.

Who Is Dr. Luther?

The 51 year old is a graduate of the Hart Dungeon, but made his name in a very different world. While most who train with the Harts would be expert level technical wrestlers, Luther took the path of the deathmatch. He would make his name in Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling, where he wore a straight-jacket and face mask to emulate Dr. Hannibal Lecter. His gimmick got him over huge with the fans, who both feared him and respected him as he wrestled very dangerous matches against the likes of Hayabusa, Sabu, Tarzan Goto, & Atsushi Onita. He has been semi-retired for years, and was brought into All Elite Wrestling as part of The Nightmare Collective, a now defunct faction which was lead by Brandi Rhodes.

We Should Not Expect Jimmy Havoc & Dr. Luther On Dynamite

Given the backgrounds in violence for both men who will be involved in this feud, we can’t expect this one to leave AEW Dark. They will already have to limit themselves for the upload on Youtube to not be flagged down, let alone get approved to have a bloodbath on prime time TV. Deathmatch wrestling has it’s fans, and this will be a match between two of the best. Despite this, it is a very tricky topic as some fans will flat out refuse to watch it for a variety of reasons. While both would be capable of wrestling a proper match, it is unlikely that is the route AEW will go with them clashing.

This should even top Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega from Full Gear in terms of sheer violence. Blood will be spilled, tables will be broken, and skin might get torn. It will not be an encounter for the weak of stomach or heart. However it will also be hard to look away. It’s unclear when this match will happen, but we should see them lock up in the coming weeks for an episode of AEW Dark.

Will you watch as two deathmatch icons clash in AEW, or is that a style you prefer to avoid. Let us know in the comment section down below.

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