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Cody vs. Jimmy Havoc | AEW Dynamite Preview | All Elite Wrestling


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All Elite Wrestling brings us another episode of AEW Dynamite tonight! In a very unique match-up, we will see Jimmy Havoc take on the always beloved Cody! Ladies and gentlemen my name is Jordan Huie, you are here at the Overtimer and as always, you can expect full coverage of this evening’s show. That means a full recap and results, plus previews of everything currently announced*. Let’s get to it!

Cody vs. Jimmy Havoc

Tonight was meant to be a banner night for AEW. Two weeks ago, they were set to have their first-ever Blood and Guts match, a resurrection of the original WarGames format. Two weeks ago, this show was set to take place in Newark, New Jersey and was on track to break their personal record for attendance. But it’s safe to say that two weeks ago was a pretty long time ago… now it’s turned out that neither of those things came to fruition. AEW Dynamite continues on but the whole show’s been reworked at this point, particularly involving those who were set to have that big climactic Blood and Guts battle.

Now, instead, Cody faces a completely different challenge. Jimmy Havoc is a deathmatch legend, one who seems destined to at some point have an Unsanctioned match against Dr. Luther. But in the build-up to this, he’s gotten several wins. He’s actually unbeaten this year with a 3-0 record in 2020. That being the case, he gets a pretty special opportunity, going up against Cody here in prime time. Something they’ve made sure to get across is that while deathmatches are what made Havoc famous, he’s a skilled technician as well. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of that here in this match.

All the same, this is a pretty big styles clash and should be an interesting one to see unfold. No doubt AEW is still hoping to put on Blood and Guts whenever they can and until then they’d probably want to protect the key names in that match. But that said, Lance Archer and Jake Roberts are already impatiently waiting for Cody to face them and they won’t wait for long. They may make their presence felt here… still, I’ll say Cody over.

  • *Last week, two matches were announced: a Lumberjack match pitting Wardlow against Luchasaurus, plus a Parking Lot Brawl between the Best Friends and the Lucha Bros. While neither of these matches have been officially deconfirmed, they are no longer actively advertising them and given the worsening circumstances, a Lumberjack match in particular seems unlikely. 

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