WWE News: Rob Gronkowski Signs With WWE

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While it feels like a lifetime ago, we have seen Gronk aka ‘Rob Gronkowski’ make his name known in his own Wrestlemania moment. The retired football player who most notably played for the New England Patriots had gotten involved during an Andre The Giant Battle Royal, where he helped his friend Mojo Rawley win the match, taking out Jinder Mahal in the process. That was such a fever dream moment, but it won’t be the last we see of Gronk in WWE.

Rob Gronkowski Signs With WWE

As announced on WWE Backstage, the retired football player has signed a deal with WWE. He was previously serving as an analyst for Fox Sports, and he is likely to be seen on Smackdown Live due to this. While it’s unclear what his role will be exactly, we could very well see him get physical in the ring. A career in football comes with it’s load of injuries, but Gronk is only 30 years old, meaning that if he took the time off to heal up and train, he could make a decent career in professional wrestling. He is such a huge star in the world of sports, and could help bring some viewers into WWE.

Gronk Expected To Compete At Summerslam

With Summerslam being slated to take place in Boston this year, it would make sense for Gronk to be involved. With Massachusetts being home to the New England Patriots, he is sure to get a heroes welcome. Depending on how much potential he shows in the ring, we could see him in a tag team match or a singles showcase. A logical partner already exists in Mojo Rawley, and they could pick up their feud with Jinder Mahal once again. It wouldn’t be a star studded match outside of Gronk, but he would be enough to drive interest in an angle with roots planted back in 2017.

While a singles match is possible, WWE fans are sick to part timers and outside names like Goldberg & Tyson Fury getting major roles, so to reduce backlash on Gronk as he could be a big star for the company, a smaller role would be fitting.

Do you think Rob Gronkowski has the potential to have a good run as a professional wrestler, or will he have one or two matches before leaving the ring? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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