AEW Fyter Fest Results: Jurassic Express vs. MJF & Wardlow

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At AEW Double Or Nothing, the show was stolen by Jungle Boy & MJF going at it in a grudge match. The two bright young stars proved they are the future of the company, and that future could be sooner than some think. They will meet again on this night, but with their giant friends by their sides as Luchasarus & Wardlow enter the fray, following their excellent lumberjack match from last week. Can the more established tag team beat the near unbeatable MJF & Wardlow, or will dirty tricks come into play again?

MJF Couldn’t Keep His Mouth Closed

Before the match could begin, MJF would take to the microphone. He’d complain that they’ve already beaten both of them in recent weeks, and said that he personally gave Jungle Boy his best match ever at Double Or Nothing. He’d reference the Ratings War with NXT, and say they needed their biggest star, and forced him to compete. The talking would end when Jungle Boy and Luchasarus would storm the ring, and be ready to go much faster than MJF was.

Jungle Boy would get right into it with MJF, hitting a huge lariat to his rival, before going for a reverse Hurricarana on the apron early. MJF would stop this, and Wardlow would come in with the boot to the head to shut down Jungle Boy early. MJF would now be in control, and hit a suplex before mouthing off to Luchasarus. Wardlow would be tagged in to beat down Jungle Boy some more. He’d carry him to his corner, just to throw him across the ring and tag MJF back into the match. Jungle Boy would get some seperation by hitting MJF off the corner, but still be cut off before the tag. Even when Jungle Boy got the tag, it would be missed and Luchasaurus would not be allowed into the match. Wardlow came back in, and nailed a huge backdrop. Quick tags in and out would have Jungle Boy on the ropes, but he’d make the tag into Luchasaurus who came in with purpose.

Luchasarus Looks To Make His Opponents Extinct

Finally getting into the match, Luchasarus would quickly take out both MJF & Wardlow. Lariats, kicks and throws would all be used to get the advantage. They’d be outmatched, and MJF would barely escape a Chokeslam and tag Wardlow in. They’d start off where they left off last week, as these two giants went to war. Wardlow would throw Luchasarus across the ring, but be dropped with a Spinebuster.

Jungle Boy would tag in, and dive onto MJF at ringside. Wardlow would try to Chokeslam him into the crowd, but he’d land on his feet and Luchasarus would fly over the top rope to take Wardlow out. An assisted cutter in the ring nearly handed MJF his first loss in AEW, but Wardlow would break it up. Wardlow would hit a step up hurricarana, but catch Jungle Boy when he went for his own. Jungle Boy would end up in position for the F-10, but slip out into a reverse rana, dumping Wardlow on his head. MJF came into the ring with an impressive move of his own; an eye poke. Luchasarus would knock him out with a knee, before collapsing to the ground. All men would be grounded, but MJF & Jungle Boy would be back on their feet soon, with their partners shortly behind.

Chaos Ensues

Luchasarus and Wardlow would crash into each other with lariats, falling once again. Jungle Boy would step across their bodies to hit a Canadian Destroyer on Canada Day, taking MJF out. Wardlow would be harder to take out, and Marko Stunt would be thrown into Jungle Boy. MJF would try to get a sneaky win during all this by rolling up Luchasarus, but would get a two count. He’d tag in Wardlow, who did a Swanton Bomb from the top rope, only getting a two count.

MJF would slip on the Dynamite Diamond ring, and try to punch Luchasarus, but get Wardlow instead! Jungle Boy pulls MJF out to ringside, a series of kicks, a springboard DDT, and a sitout chokeslam would put down Wardlow briefly. He’d sit up, be kicked back down by Luchasarus and be hit with a moonsault, ending this chaotic match.

This puts another blemish on the win-loss record of MJF, but he didn’t take the fall. It shows more cracks in the partnership of MJF & Wardlow, and this loss could be the last straw. He’d have ‘You can’t do anything right!’ yelled at him by MJF, showing very clear tension between these two.

A very typical AEW tag match, it was a fast paced spotfest, offering tons of excitement while building their storylines. This one gets a 3/5 rating, and has me excited to see more of Jungle Boy & MJF in the future.

Will this win boost Jurassic Express up the rankings? Are we going to see Wardlow maul MJF soon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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