Into the Vault: Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling Volume 2

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Into the Vault: Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling Volume 2

What’s up, everyone? On the last “Into the Vault” I took a dive in Juggalo Championship Wrestling by checking out its first show from December 1999. We’re jumping ahead to April 2000 for the promotion’s second show to hit tape: Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling – Volume 2.  From what I’ve gathered about this show either they ran some matches more than once that month or the tape pulls from different shows. 

Who asked for it? No one. Does it top Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling – Volume 1? Let’s find out! 


First off, “Hornswagglin’ Hillbilly” got a hearty laugh from me. First you take the name then the wrestler. This guy was big. Just imagine if Haystacks Calhoun and King Kong Bundy had a kid, both left him to raise himself and with “Hornswagglin’ Hillbilly” on his birth certificate. That’s this guy. He faced off against Tom Dub—who apparently has a tendency to challenge big wrestlers and get eaten alive. 

Into the Vault: Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling Volume 2

Billy Bill took on Dick Nipple in a skippable match. I actually forgot if this was a tables match or just a match where Dick Nipple went through a table. The main event saw the ICP team up with Evil Dead to face the Rainbow Coalition. Yes, this was a heel trio working stereotypical gay gimmicks—think, discount Billy & Chuck. How discount? Dollar store discount, people.  

This match aged horribly as did the commentary here with homophobic slurs. The action was bad. Not awful or dismal just bad. That 3D at the end from ICP looked trash. Violent J had the guy up it so his job was done but I don’t know what Shaggy 2 Dope was doing. It’s towards the end of the video below and must be seen to believe.


The Chris Hero match was alright. This is young Chris Hero too. Nothing about it stood out too much to me. It just seemed like a match for fans who wanted a cohesive match on a card that is mostly blood, brawling, and chaos. A carnival is supposed to have something for everyone after all. 

Into the Vault: Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling Volume 2

Now we’re at the upper tier of the card and it’s high danger as Fat Fxck Barrel Boy faced Mad Man Pondo in a—let me read this correctly—AIDS Infected Thumbtack and Broken Glass Deathmatch. Solid deathmatch between two guys who have faced each other many times in deathmatch action. 

Side note about this match—it was featured on this super obscure comp tape sold by RF Video. I don’t know if it was a JCW comp or one of those Bum Fights-like tapes where they pit drug addicts against each other. The early 2000s was extremely weird. 

Our next match isn’t the peak of wrestling but I love a bloody beating. The Rude Boy figured it was a good idea to challenge Abdullah the Butcher again and got sliced like bologna at the store in a cage match that took forever to get into. Let me go ahead and give a 10/10 to the commentary for this match. It was like 90-percent roasting and 10-percent calling the match. Amazing. 

Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling – Volume 2 Verdict: 4.5/10 

JCW mixes wrestling with comedy, music, and the juggalo subculture into something that puts wrestling in a carnival setting. This crowd is rowdy but the Volume 1 crowd was really into the show. They were drinking, smoking weed and cigs, getting their high fives ignored–and the first night looked packed 

This video and the production caught all of this. Since Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling – Volume 2 took from two shows, it can be hard to follow if you’re looking for a match listing. What I will say is that production wasn’t as wild and in your face as the first. Everything could be followed easily but we still had some angles and the like. 

What really rocked for this video was—once again—the commentary. I’d say 9/10 is in order for the commentary but the commentary on Abby vs. Rude Boy gets a 10/10. If you want some more wild, juggalo wrestling check this one out. 

Actually, check out as much of the early 2000s JCW as you can for the wild stuff. By 2004 or 2005 when Juggalo Championship Wrestling began working with TNA, it started to become more of a cohesive indy promotion with followable storylines. 

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