Is Capcom Making The AEW Game? 

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Is Capcom Making The AEW Game? 

With near to no information on what is happening with the first AEW game. We are going to have to speculate on which studio is working on it and what the game will actually be like.

The speculation comes from the close connection with Kenny Omega with Capcom already as they collaborated on merchandise such as the Street Fighters wrestling t-shirts. Would it be a massive step to speculate that they could be working on a game together?

The past wrestling collaboration 

Capcom, the studio behind the famous game Street Fighter have had a very small collaboration with the Bullet Club. This was a while back now and it was a small crossover with you able to change the clothes to a Bullet Club outfit. It was a good addition to the game and was also when Kenny was the leader of Bullet Club back when this happened as well.

This could maybe become even bigger in AEW. It is massive speculation to say they could be making a game but a crossover event wouldn’t be surprising. During AEW PPVs, many wrestlers have worn gear inspired by Capcom games.

In the past, on Being The Elite’s YouTube channel they’ve played arcade games. As well as Kenny Omega co-hosting the Capcom Cup fighting game tournament for the best of the world to compete at Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in December 2019.

What could gameplay be like? 

The AEW game could be a straight copy of Street Fighter with a complete change of characters and the way you win the match. It could change to you being able to submit or pin as a way of winning. This would be the first type of game to actually be like Street Fighter, if that was done.

It could even just be in the style of Street Fighter but played in a completely different way. With you able to fully traverse the ring area and the outside making it more a 3D experience and less like a side-combat game. There is a lot of speculation on what the fist game will be. We’ve had a lot of speculation but we still have no information on it yet. 

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