New Belt In WWE Raw Battleground 

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New Belt In WWE Raw Battleground 

WWE currently has 18 belts across all three brands that includes tag teams as one. With Jericho saying in a podcast recently that less is more with wrestling belts in AEW. It doesn’t look like WWE are going down that route. With a lot of their belts near enough worthless.

For example, the 24/7 championship belt feels pointless and at the moment so does the women’s tag team belt due to the lack of storylines behind them. There are arguably a lot more pointless titles spread about WWE but we don’t want any hate in the comments.  

Battleground belt has an easy fix 

The belt will be for championship Raw Underground. This could easily be fixed by just moving a feud into the Underground. They did tease this with the Hurt Business taking it over but they seemed to drop that story the week after.

If they did go through with this and take Shane away from this. Then they could do the current feud they are doing for the WWE United States Championship between Hurt Business and Apollo Crews. That would be an easy fix to get a championship into the Underground instead of making another championship which will feel pointless in a month or two. 

How long is Underground going to last?

Apparently the Undeground belt could look like the old school Hardcore championship. This is really the only information we have on it. There is the fact that WWE are the best at long time booking with certain stuff.

They have given up a lot of storylines over the last month. It feels like Raw Underground could disappear any week now. With the ratings dropping below 2 million on the go-home show to Summerslam.

There would be no surprise if Raw Underground disappears next week and the plan is dropped. It wouldn’t be surprising if they tried to boost ratings by adding a new belt, realizing it didn’t make a difference than scraping the whole thing. 

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