WWE NXT Results: Finn Balor vs. Velveteen Dream

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WWE NXT Results: Finn Balor vs. Velveteen Dream

A few months ago, we were supposed to see Finn Balor face off with Velveteen Dream. This match would be foiled as Balor would be taken out by Damien Priest, leading to a match at NXT Takeover: In Your House. Now we get to see this first time matchup, with added stakes in a spot at NXT Takeover XXX on the line.

Balor is keen on winning the North American Championship for the first time, and Dream needs this win to get back on track after some time off. Who would advance to the ladder match at NXT Takeover XXX, in what promises to be a huge main event?

A Feeling Out Process

A slow start would be what a match like this needs. Some chain wrestling would see Balor get the upper hand, being the more experienced wrestler. Dream would want to pick the pace up with a Sunset Flip, but Balor stopped that with ease, taunted with the double guns with Dream slipping to the outside as we went to a commercial break.

Through picture-in-picture, we’d see Dream pull Balor outside and take control of the match with some brawling. He’d get him back in the ring, but Balor would regain control with a chokehold as we’d get back to show.

Dream would rally to his feet with a jawbreaker, but eat a big chop. Balor would run the ropes, but Dream would hit a Lou Thesz press and rain punches down on Balor. This would put the match back in the favor of Dream, whose new more aggressive style was paying off.

Balor can play aggressive too, and he’d attack the leg with precision and intensity. Without his legs at full power, Dream wouldn’t be able to hit the Purple Rainmaker. This attack would be effective, though Dream would counter with an armbar and finally be able to get back to his feet.

Velveteen Dream Is More Aggressive Than Ever

Dream showed the leg still works with a leg lariat, getting the advantage again. He’d get Balor in the corner and rain punches down, stopping to grind his crotch into Balor’s face, then get angry at the crowd for not counting his punches.

Balor would break free, but a double axe handle from Dream would stop this comeback. Dream would hit a hotshot over the top rope, and Cameron Grimes would come to ringside to rant about how the North American Championship is going to be his as we go to another commercial break, this time without picture in picture.

Cameron Grimes Annoys Everyone

We’ll just picture Grimes cutting a promo about how he’s going to the moon as Balor & Dream cover their ears and hope he goes away. We come back to the show, and Grimes is sitting on top of a ladder at ringside with the title, getting a good view of this match.

Dream has control of Balor in the ring and hits a backbreaker, but he’s getting distracted by Grimes at ringside. Balor would take advantage of this and hit a basement dropkick, then crotch Dream in the corner soon after. A big running chop would blister Dream, but when he’d be whipped to the other corner dream would crash to the outside.

Balor would get distracted by Grimes and try to knock him off the ladder, with Dream getting back in control. Back in the ring, Balor would counter the DreamDT and Dream Valley Driver, hitting the final cut instead. A shotgun dropkick would leave Dream in the position for the Coup De Grace, but Grimes would distract him, allowing Dream to hit a superplex.

All Hell Breaks Loose

Johnny Gargano would come to ringside and shove Grimes off the ladder into the ring, knocking the referee down. Balor & Dreams beat him down. Gargano wanted to get into the ring, but would be sandwiched between Reed & Priest. Everyone in the match would be at ringside, and even Timothy Thatcher would also show up.

Thatcher would run Balor down, and send him into the ring to be hit with the Dream Valley Driver, and the Purple Rainmaker would put Balor down. Velveteen Dream is going to NXT Takeover XXX. A ton happened at the end of this match, all leading to the Dream victory.

Will Velveteen Dream be the first ever two-time NXT North American Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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