Is WWE NXT Moving To Tueday Nights Going Forward?

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Is WWE NXT Moving To Tueday Nights Going Forward?

In the wild and always changing world of WWE, only a few shows have managed to remain consistent. RAW is on Monday Nights, and NXT is on Wednesday. However, after a big ratings bump and great reception to NXT Super Tuesday, NXT might have a new home going forward. It was bumped from it’s usual spot on Wednesday evening due to NHL’s schedule on the USA Network, and this might be just what the brand needed.

NXT Is On Tuesday Again Next Week

While you argue the ratings success of NXT this week is due to the insane hype generated by the main event. It was a sixty minute fatal four way ironman match, pitting Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, and Finn Balor pitted against each other for the NXT Championship. This was the biggest main event in NXT history, and delivered a takeover level match, and got the promotion of one.

We will see if it was a fluke as far as ratings went, as next week is the same story. In what is being called NXT Super Tuesday II, we will see another big episode of NXT on what could be it’s new night. Adam Cole vs. Finn Balor for the NXT Championship and a huge steel cage match are big, but not quite as big as the main event from this week’s episode. It’s a more typical lineup for NXT, which has the roster to provide constantly big matches if needed.

This is a good change for fans as well, as now they don’t need to choose between NXT or AEW Dynamite, two of the best weekly wrestling shows around today, with them normally sharing a timeslot. If NXT moves to Tuesdays, the Wednesday Night Wars are done.

USA Network Has Pitched The Idea, WWE Is Considering It

While the final say in moving a show goes to WWE, they also need to keep in mind what the network wants. NXT currently airs on the USA Network in America, which is the main TV deal for the show. After seeing the bump in ratings from moving to Tuesday, they would reportedly pitch a permanent move to Tuesday nights going forward.

Do you think NXT might do better on Tuesday nights, or should they stay in a timeslot they’ve held since the reboot of NXT all those years ago? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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