NJPW G1 Climax 30 Night Three: Ratings & Results (Kota Ibushi vs. Jay White, Will Ospreay vs. Tomohiro Ishii)

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NJPW G1 Climax 30 Night Three: Ratings & Results (Kota Ibushi vs. Jay White, Will Ospreay vs. Tomohiro Ishii)

We’re back to A-Block action in the 2020 G1 Climax. Kota Ibushi, Jay White, Taichi, Will Ospreay and Minoru Suzuki all have two points to their name, while the rest of the field sits at zero. Tonight’s main event is a rematch of last year’s final, when White faced Ibushi, which is a must see match for all NJPW fans.

G1 Climax 2020 Block A Match – Shingo Takagi vs. Jeff Cobb

Shingo got off to a rough start in this year’s G1, having to face the devious Jay White. Tonight he gets a more straight up fight against Jeff Cobb. Neither man picked up points on Night One, but they can turn their fortunes around on Night Three, still with plenty of time to make the finals.

This was a very typical match quality wise for Shingo, making it one of Cobb’s best in NJPW thus far. Heavy strikes from Shingo, some impressive suplexes from Cobb, and a hot crowd made this one a great opening match that set the tone for the night. The power and technical abilities of Cobb showed why he’s going to be great in NJPW once he spends more time there, stopping Shingo in ways that no one has yet, having an answer for just about everything.

In the end, Cobb would be too much for Shingo, and Tour Of The Islands gained Cobb his first two points in this tournament, while Shingo remained at zero. This tournament is still young, but Shingo needs to find his footing soon.

Match Rating: 3.75/5 (*** ¾)

G1 Climax 2020 Block A Match – Yujiro Takahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada

In what is manys picks for the worst feud of 2020, Kazuchika Okada will once again face Yujiro Takahashi. Okada failed to beat Ibushi on Night One, but has had little issue putting Takahashi away previously, and needs this win to build the momentum he needs. Takahashi fell to Will Ospreay in the opening match of Night One, meaning both men came into this one with zero points.

Once again, this matchup started with Takahashi taking early control, making the first few minutes drag. Some outside brawling had Okada on the ropes way too early, setting up a big comeback in the back half of the match. The comeback came, there was a nice finishing sequence ending with the Cobra Clutch, and Okada came away with his first two points of the tournament and won’t have to wrestle Yujiro Takahashi anymore.

It was their best match yet, getting some real drama near the end with it looking like Takahashi might beat the ace at times. Okada’s Cobra Clutch is failing to connect with fans like they hopped, and The Rainmaker will need to come out again soon.

Match Rating: 3/5 (***)

G1 Climax 2020 Block A Match – Minoru Suzuki vs. Taichi

We’re getting the only Suzuki-Gun vs. Suzuki-Gun action of the tournament very early, as Taichi faces Minoru Suzuki. Both men won their first matches, and one of these guys would be the first to claim four points. This one wouldn’t be a clean fight between friends however. Given that Minoru Suzuki was in this match, you knew right out of the gate it’d be the hardest hitting match of the night, and it lived up to that.

Before the bell even rang they had tied up and were trying to choke each other. The referee got taken out, they beat each other silly with chairs and other weapons, they threw stiff strikes and it was exactly the match expected from these two. Just two villains doing whatever they can to beat the other, a personal favorite match dynamic. In the end, Taichi dropped Suzuki with the Black Mephisto, and is now at four points.

Match Rating: 3.25/5 (*** ¼)

G1 Climax 2020 Block A Match – Tomohiro Ishii vs. Will Ospreay

Much like how Taichi & Suzuki was a battle of members of Suzuki-Gun, we get some Chaos infighting as well as Ospreay looks to push forward in this tournament at the expense of Ishii. Ishii lost his first match in a brutal affair with Suzuki, while Ospreay had an easy win against Yujiro Takahashi, meaning one man is much fresher starting this one.

Ospreay would really show how much he bulked up in this one, being able to throw strikes with someone like Ishii now, but still go for running Shooting Star Presses with the greatest of ease. Him finding out weights exist was the best thing he ever did with his career. This was a fast paced and hard hitting affair, with Ospreay reminding everyone why he was the best wrestler of 2019. Ishii gave another hard hitting war, but it’s gonna be hard to find who will be able to stop Hosspreay. Ospreay hit the Hidden Blade & Stormbreaker, to grab another two points.

Match Rating: 4/5 (****)

G1 Climax 2020 Block A Match – Kota Ibushi vs. Jay White (w/Gedo)

Last year, it all came down to this match. Ibushi & White won their respective blocks, and this year are both favorites to win A Block. They have incredible chemistry, and last met on the second night of Wrestle Kingdom earlier this year. This ensures that both men come into this match with a win over the other, and also two points apiece after Ibushi beat Okada & White beat Shingo. It’s one of the biggest matches A Block has to offer, and is sure to be another classic from these two.

The story told here was simple, Jay White did everything he could to destroy the knee of Ibushi that is used for the Kamigoye and his high flying maneuvers. White is great at targeting a limb, and did almost too good a job here. To the point where he unleashed the dark side of Ibushi, where he enters a trance-like state that would make even Minoru Suzuki worried.

At that point, White was on the defensive, but still had that hurt knee to attack and Gedo at ringside. Ibushi would brutalize White while looking disappointed at the return strikes, but Gedo faking an attempt to throw the towel in as Ibushi set up the Kamigoye allowed a low blow. This and another distraction allowed White to hit the Blade Runner, spiking Ibushi on his head, and that was enough to end this match. An incredible story told, one that kept viewers on the edge of their seat, and White is the one walking away with two more points from it.

Match Rating: 4.75/5 (**** ¾)

This night ends with Taichi, Jay White, & Will Ospreay tied for #1 in the block at 4 points. Kazuchika Okada, Minoru Suzuki, Kota Ibushi, & Jeff Cobb all have 2 points, and Tomohiro Ishii, Shingo Takagi & Yujiro Takahashi have 0 points. What was your favorite match from Night Three of the G1 Climax? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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