AEW Dynamite Results: The Young Bucks vs. Top Flight [AEW World Tag Team Championship Match]

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At Full Gear, we say The Young Bucks finally become AEW World Tag Team Champions, despite Matt Jackson coming in with a bad leg. Now, just one day after launching their new book ‘Killing The Business’ they are in action against another high flying team of brothers. Not the Lucha Bros, but Darius & Daunte Martin, Top Flight! Can these newcomers punch their ticket to the top with an upset win tonight in their first AEW World Tag Team Championship match?

The Young Bucks Get Outgunned

This match would start with Nick Jackson and Darius Martin, Darius hitting the ropes and showing that he has Nick well scouted. He’d land on his feet after an armdrag, and Matt would be tagged in alongside Dante, hitting a double kick on Matt for a near fall. Matt was sent for a run and met a dropkick at the end, then a running lariat, suplex and a flipping senton punished Matt. Nick would be hit with an enziguri on the apron, and The Young Bucks were being outdone!

Matt would return to the ring, and look to slow the match down, realizing they might be outdone in speed tonight. Dante went for a back suplex, but Nick got a tag. This let Young Bucks use their usual precision with strikes and tight teamwork to take control, and they got aggressive. Dante was locked in the Sharpshooter by Matt, and Darius would come in to break this hold.

This ended with Darius propped in the corner, and having his brother powerbombed into him. Dante was hit with a backbreaker, double stomp off the top, and then Nick rolled right into a backstabber on Darius! They wanted Meltzer driver, but didn’t get it, Dante slipping out and making the tag.

Top Flight Are A Name To Remember

Darius would show his speed again and hit a standing spanish fly on Nick, before Top Flight showed their namesake with some big dives. They would retake control, trying to stack The Young Bucks in the corner. The Young Bucks did their best to defend but Dante still managed to drop Matt with an impressive hurricarana. Dante went up top for a double stomp, missed and was cut down with a spear.

Nick came in with an expected furry, setting up an old finisher of Motor City Machine Guns, the assisted Sliced Bread No. 2, Darius having to make the save. More Bang For Your Buck was countered and Dante nearly got the three count, but Nick survived. The BTE trigger closed out this very close match, and Top Flight became stars.

Afterwards, TH2 would attack Top Flight, before being chased off. Are Top Flight the future of tag team wrestling? Will they beat TH2? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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