Ring Of Honor Results: EC3 vs. Jay Briscoe

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Last week, The Briscoes got their 200th tag team win in ROH history, beating Soldiers of Savagery while EC3 watched on commentary. He’d stare down Jay Briscoe after the match, and now they’re going to clash and EC3 can see if Briscoe has any honour. EC3 respects Briscoe for sticking to his guns, but is walking into a potential asskicking.

In his ROH singles debut he is up against one of the best in company history, a two time ROH World Champion. EC3 is a former two time Impact Wrestling/TNA World Champion, but remains a nobody in ROH. A win here changes that in a hurry.

EC3 Just Wants To See Some Honor

Code of Honor wouldn’t be adhered to, EC3 extending his hand and Briscoe not wanting that. They’d lock up, and showed some equal power, ending up in the corner with a clean break. EC3 offered another handshake, and a shoving match ensued, with Briscoe taking this to the mat with ease.

Briscoe would get to his feet and hit a back elbow, but EC3 was insistent on that handshake, like a man possessed and obsessed. EC3 would be beat into the corner with some closed fist punches, before being choked with the boot.

Jay Briscoe Lost The Mental War

Referee Todd Sinclair would try to break this choke up, and Jay Briscoe had to the count of five to do so. He failed to meet the limit, and there EC3 won by DQ. This just pissed off Briscoe, and then EC3 was ready to strike, taking Briscoe down and beating him down. A brawl would ensue, no more rules and no more honour.

They’d be broken up, but EC3 was just goading Briscoe on, wanting to be hit with the J-Driller. This was less of a match and more just mind games, with EC3 showing there was no honor to be found in Jay Briscoe.

Backstage, Quinn McKay would ambush Briscoe with questions about why this proud ROH original didn’t adhere to the code of honor and why he got DQ’d? Briscoes response was simple ‘Cuz f*ck him’.

This one is far from through. Who will win the next battle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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