What’s Next For Eddie Kingston In AEW?

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In a short time, Eddie Kingston has become one of the biggest names in AEW. He came in as a one off challenger for Cody Rhodes during his first reign as the TNT Champion, giving Rhodes possibly the best match of his reign. AEW would sign Kingston, who would have hung up his boots if he hadn’t sold them before getting the call.

Now, he’s just coming off main eventing AEW Full Gear in a brutal match with Jon Moxley, with a group of badasses at his back. Soon after, everything went wrong. He’d lose The Lucha Bros and his best friend Penta El Zero M to the returning PAC, only leaving him with The Butcher & The Blade.

Next, he’d be targeted again by Lance Archer who he had beef with after the Battle Royale at All Out, giving him another major issue. Will more things go wrong for Eddie Kingston before the year is through?

Will He Lose The Butcher & The Blade Next?

This latest episode of AEW Dynamite saw The Butcher & The Blade finally win another tag team match on the show. It was their first two on two tag team win on Dynamite since last December. That will give anyone a huge amount of confidence, but it came from some help from Eddie Kingston. When PAC & Fenix were getting too close to a win, Kingston evened the odds.

However, The Bunny was just as crucial to this big win, and is married to Blade, making her an easier fit. It’s not hard to see them getting a big head after the win, and figuring they don’t need two managers. Add in Kingston driving away everyone else after pissing them off, and it’s easy to see this split coming after the coming Death Triangle vs. Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade match, especially if Death Triangle wins.

Could Eddie Kingston Rebuild As A Face In 2021?

While Kingston has been playing the heel role to absolute perfection from the moment he stepped into Daily’s Place, it hasn’t stopped fans from realizing just how good overall he is. His honest nature with promos and hard hitting style is one that will always build up a heavy amount of respect from fans and critics alike. Add in him being a well travelled veteran who sticks to his guns, and you have a recipe for a perfect babyface in the making here.

The hard part is getting him there, whereas he was a top heel on the roster barely even a month ago. They’ve already made some serious strides in these regards, by simply having PAC come back and reduce his faction to three men. By throwing Lance Archer his way, and potentially putting Butcher & The Blade on their own, he’d be alone, beaten down, and need to rebuild.

AEW has been very good at long-term storytelling from the very start, and the unexpected popularity of Eddie Kingston put a perfect story on the table for them. What do you think will be next for The Mad King? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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