WWE Smackdown Preview (11/13)

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WWE Smackdown Preview here and tonight looks like it’s going to be a mystery show as the WWE hasn’t released a match or segment yet, so we get to speculate a little.

Survivor Series openings

There’s plenty of possibilities as the men’s Survivor Series team has one slot to fill with Seth Rollins, Jey Uso, King Corbin, and Kevin Owens locking their positions in.

The women’s team has three slots to fill as Bianca Belair and Ruby Riott has taken their spots.

Despite the show having fresh blood in Triple H behind the scenes, we expect much the same as we saw on Raw for Smackdown’s final spot in a second chance type of match.

If not, then we think Lars Sullivan will lock it up. Having him take over the event would be a good way to build him up.

As for the woman, we expect much the same as they’ve had two straight multiple challengers compete, so another gimmick match can be expected.

A couple of possibilities for the final spots could be Bayley since she’s no longer champion, Alexa Bliss so she can spread the Fiend’s joy, and liv Morgan to keep the Riott Squad together.

Carmella steps up to challenge Sasha Banks

After her blindside attack on Banks last week, WWE Smackdown Preview expect their feud to kick off tonight with a war of words either backstage or in the ring, with a possible match next week.

This could be a fun one as we’ll get to see more of Carmella’s new persona in action and there’s little doubt Banks will be ready to go now that her feud with Bayley is over with.

At least, we hope it’s over with.

Jey Uso and Daniel Bryan start their feud

After Jey attacked Bryan a couple of weeks back under the “instruction” of Roman Reigns, we expect Bryan to come back and serve notice that he intends to save Jey or simply repay him.

This will be a fun feud to watch simply due to Bryan really can’t have a bad feud and Jey has really improved since being allowed to show his skills as a singles competitor.

Undertaker returns for Survivor Series

As we reported here, this year’s Survivor Series marks the 30 year anniversary of the Undertaker’s debut, so it’s only fitting that they’ve been pushing his appearance so much.

While we doubt he’ll have a match, we never say never as they may want him to come out for a victory lap so to speak.

But it should be fun as various WWE superstars have dressed in homage to the Undertaker over the last week and we expect the official sendoff of the Deadman to continue.

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