WWE Smackdown Results (11/6) – Survivor Series Qualifying Match – Seth Rollins Defeated Otis by Pinfall

Rollins hit with a Stomp for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results returned as Rollins came out with the Mysterios watching from backstage. Could they be planning some payback?

They started off circling each other with Rollins getting the jump with a series of strikes, but Otis then threw him into the corner and slammed Rollins to the mat face first twice.

Rollins slipped out of the ring and spotted Murphy slowly heading down the ramp.

The referee stopped his count and Rollins then slid into the ring where Otis caught his kick attempt and swung him to the mat.

Otis then bounced Rollins’ head off the turnbuckle, but he ducked too soon on a backdrop attempt and ate a kick from Rollins.

Otis then clotheslined Rollins over the top rope right in front of Murphy an the two commenced a stare down.

Otis snuck out of the ring and literally ran Rollins over and threw him into the ring where Rollins hit with a slingblade for a near pinfall.

Rollins hit Otis with a shoulder in the corner, but it didn’t bother Otis.

A series of kicks had no effect, and neither did some chops as Otis Otised up.

Otis hit with a headbutt, and then a series of shoulder blocks off the ropes before he tossed Rollins into the air.

Rollins hit the mat hard, and was then thrown into the turnbuckle before Otis picked him up for his airplane spin-like slam.

Rollins countered his splash in the corner with a boot, but Otis caught him off the ropes and hit a fallaway slam.

Otis then hit a splash and readied for the caterpillar when Murphy got on the apron.

Murphy dropped off the apron when Otis charged him.

Rollins then hit with a superkick and a Stomp for the win, all thanks to Murphy.

For the greater good

Backstage, Aalyah, Rey, and Dominik quieted her and shook their heads in disappointment.

Rollins caught up with Murphy and said he knows what he saw and he asked Murphy to tell him he saw what he thinks he saw.

Murphy pointed to Rollins chest and then his, saying, “Messiah, Disciple.”

Rollins was so happy that Murphy saw the light that the Mysterio family would never accept him, but he would.

Rollins ran off and Aalyah ran in and started shoving him and demanding to know what he did.

He calmed her down and told her to trust him and that this was for the greater good.

Michael Cole interviews Lars Sullivan

Cole started it off by recapping Lars’ interview last week about his grade school problems and being called the Freak and the fact he was bullied.

Lars said he hates bullies and that he’s been bullied his entire life for how he looks, talks, and dresses.

He added that they would push him down, kick him, steal his lunch. They would mock him and call him Freak while the other kids would just watch and laugh at his expense.

He said he started lifting weights when he was 13 and gained 50 pounds of muscle in 18 months.

Then the laughing stopped and he bullied the bullies and the kids that would laugh at him because they deserved it.

He said he learned that he could bully whoever he wanted, and make them do whatever he wanted.

He added he could make them eat dirt, glass, bugs… whatever he wanted.

He let out a primal scream and said that’s intimidation and he loves it.

This was a pretty good interview and WWE Smackdown Results are curious to see what’s in store of Lars Sullivan down the road.

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