2020 Might Be The First Year Since 1995 Where Triple H Hasn’t Wrestled In WWE

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This year was one of the weirdest in WWE history. Wrestlemania took place in front of zero live fans and was shot from the WWE Performance Center. The Undertaker retired in the presence of old friends and a row of L.E.D screens that showed the fans from home. Money In The Bank took place at WWE HQ and Rey Mysterio was thrown off the roof. However, one weird event happened very quietly. Over the entire calendar year, Triple H didn’t lace up his boots and make his way to the ring, for the first time in 25 years.

Triple H Has Been Consistently Slowing Down

As he gets older, despite still being able to deliver in the ring as shown by big matches with John Cena & Batista, Triple H has been slowing down. While once upon a time he would be found on every episode of Monday Night RAW, he is now focused behind the scenes on running brands like NXT & NXT UK. Since 2010, he’s rarely reached about single digits in terms of matches, with the only exception being 2017 when he wrestled 14 matches, with 12 of those being at House Shows.

With the House Show market dead, and no super shows to wrestle on, it just didn’t make sense for Triple H to step into the ring this year. He didn’t even have a scheduled match at Wrestlemania, though he almost certainly would have been on the card for a Saudi Arabia supercard later in the year. As of right now though, his final televised match was with Randy Orton at Super ShowDown 2019, and the final match in general was a tag team match with Shinsuke Nakamura where they defeated Bobby Roode & Samoa Joe in Japan.

Could 2021 See His Proper In-Ring Retirement?

As he reaches closer to 52 years old, and his behind the scenes work becomes more and more important, the time might be here to finally turn The Game off. Triple H deserves a big send off as much as anyone, and as the world starts to heal in 2021, it might be a nice way to cap off an NXT Takeover event. Men like Adam Cole have discussed wanting to retire Triple H, and with someone like Cole being the future of the industry, it would be only fitting. Given that NXT is perhaps the biggest part of legacy Triple H will leave behind for WWE, it’d be fitting for his final match to take place in that ring.

There are only two more WWE events this year for Triple H to get a match in on, those being an episode of Monday Night RAW & NXT. Could he sneak a match in, or will 2020 be a full year without him wrestling? Should he retire properly in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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