AEW Holiday Bash Results: Hikaru Shida vs. Alex Garcia

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It has been a fantastic year for Hikaru Shida. She has truly become the ace of the AEW Women’s division, with her last loss in singles being on January 1st of 2020. Having an iron grip on the AEW World Women’s Championship also doesn’t hurt her claims. Tonight she steps into the ring with Alex Garcia, but with Abadon creeping around looking for a title shot, will she be ready to go when the bell rings?

Alex Garcia Has Her Best Chance Ever

This match almost wouldn’t get started, as Abadon attacked Shida backstage during an interview. She’d ward Abadon off, and make her entrance as planned, and you don’t shake someone with a 22-match win streak easily. Garcia has the chance to do so, but needs to stay focused.

Shida went right for the kill with a Falcon Arrow, but Garcia fought her off. Some strikes in the corner battered Garcia, and while she got Shida with a dropkick, Garcia was dropped with an even harder dropkick. She slid outside and took a forearm to the face.

Shida only got a two count, and Garcia played possum before going for a pinfall and nearly snatching a win over the champion. She got Shida in the corner with a big knee strike, and followed up with another two count.

Abadon Bites Hikaru Shida

Shida got back into this one with a suplex, and the running knee strike on the apron. At this point Abadon was out in the crowd, and took a knee to the face. Shida was at risk of being counted out, but came right back into the ring and went for the running knee. Garcia countered into a rollup, but only got two. Shida got back up, nailed the Falcon Arrow and won.

Grabbing her Kendo Stick, she’d leave the ring and look to end Abadon once and for all. Instead, they just brawl until Abadon would bite Shida, looking to get her pound of flesh in a literal manner.

Will Shida be able to survive and defeat Abadon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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