OVW TV 1112 Recap (12/6) – “Road to OVW Christmas Chaos 2020”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1112 Recap!

While Christmas Chaos happened the day before this was shared on Youtube.com, we’re still expecting a great show so let’s buckle and keep the spoilers for Christmas Chaos to ourselves for the time being.

The show started with a ten bell salute to Pat Patterson who dies last week at the age of 79. He was a legend in so many ways and will be missed. Thank you for everything you did for us. Rest in peace, sir.

Brandon Tate defeated Delicious Van Vicious by pinfall

Tate started it off fast by attacking Vicious right away and not letting up, choosing to hammer away instead of using his usual high flyer moves.

Tate won after hit a leg scissors takedown, spiking Vicious’ head on the mat.

After the match, Brandon asked for someone in the back that was willing to help him and his brother to even the odds at Christmas Chaos against the Legacy of Brutality.

LOB circled the ring, but the Gravity Destroyers came out with steel chairs to cover Brandon’s back.

Josh Ashcraft promised them that at Christmas Chaos they belong to the LOB.

Rush Championship Number 1 Contender Match – D’Mone Solavino and William Lutz was ruled as no contest

Lutz started it off countering Solavino early on, but the Nephilim turned things around and worked on Lutz’s legs.

Dimes and Jay Bradley came out to cause some mayhem, and Bradley carried a giant stop sing sized lolly pop.

Lutz gained he advantage, but Bradley knocked him off the top rope with his lolly pop while the referee was distracted. It was the best thing OVW TV 1112 Recap has seen, but he must’ve partially missed since Lutz kicked out of Solavino’s pin attempt.

Dimes hit Solavino with a giant candy cane, making this an entertaining match in and out of the ring.

Lutz held the top rope down for Solavino to his a dive on Bradley and Dimes, and then Solavino got on all fours and Lutz leaped off his back and over the ropes to take out their common foes.

The referee ruled the match to end in a no contest due to the interference. They were both named number one contenders for a Triple Threat match at Christmas Chaos.

Tony Gunn and Reverend Ronnie was cancelled

As Reverend Ronnie was introduced, we saw a replay from last week when the good reverend planted a pie in Gunn’s face as he left the ring following the food fight.

Gunn nailed Ronnie from behind with his Heavyweight Championship belt, and then nailed Ronnie with a Kill Shot at ringside.

Women’s Championship Number 1 Contender Match – Joseline Navarro  Arie Alexander

This match came about after Navarro scored the pin in last week’s elimination tag match, and since neither of them lost Alexander challenged Navarro for her number 1 contender spot.

Alexander came out super aggressive and took it to Navarro from the start.

Navarro gained the upper hand after hitting a snake eyes and a clothesline.

Navarro hit her bangerrang for the win to retain her number 1 contender status.

Ryan Howe and Dustin Jackson defeated Legacy of Brutality (Ca$h Flow and Hy-Zaya) (w/Josh Ashcraft) by disqualification

The LOB started out in dominating fashion and controlled the flow over Dustin Jackson.

It looked like chaos erupted during the commercial break, but order was restored and Jackson hit Flow with a crossbody while Howe too care of Hy-Zaya.

The match ended in disqualification when Flow slammed Howe on a steel chair Hy-Zaya threw into the ring.

Brandon Tate and the Gravity Destroyers ran in to help Howe and Jackson.

An all out brawl ensured and it spilled into the stand and commentary desk, and the Christmas decorations were used in inventive ways.

This was a fun show and did a great job setting up OVW’s first pay-per-view. What did you think of it? Let OVW TV 1112 Recap know below, and thank you for joining us.

We have a blast and look forward to seeing you all next time.

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