Impact Wrestling Results (1/19) – Kimber Lee and Susan w/Deonna Purrazzo Defeated Jordynne Grace and Jazz by Pinfall; Taya Valkyrie Shot John E. Bravo

Purrazzo hit Jazz with the Knockout’s championship for Susan to pin her

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Lee went right after Grace while Susan went for Jazz. Jazz and Grace threw them into each other, and Jazz threw Lee to the floor.

Grace body slammed Susan and jazz went for a pin attempt, then grounded Susan down for another attempt.

Grace came in and hit Susan with several shoulders in the corner and threw her into the ropes, but Susan slid under them and Grace followed.

Lee threw Grace to the floor from behind and it looked like Grace hurt her elbow.

Virtuoso ending

Back from commercial, Lee and Grace are back in the ring with Lee in control with a leg vice.

Lee tagged Susan in after a pin attempt, and she nailed Grace and dropped her on the middle rope and choked her out.

She then worked over Grace in their corner, and Grace nailed Lee then caught Susan with an elbow and boot.

Grace put her on the top rope but Susan fought out of it and off of Grace’s shoulder and shoved her back in their corner where she and Lee beat her down.

She threw grace into a spin kick by Lee for a pin attempt, and Lee slammed her in another corner and hit a chop.

Grace caught Lee’s next attempt and hit a few of her own, but Lee dropped her with an elbow and drove Grace into the opposite corner.

Grace dodged a charge, but Lee caught her with a big kick and Grace hit an elbow, then a clothesline to tag in jazz.

Jazz came in with Susan and jazz nailed her with a series of rights, and Grace hit Susan with a splash from behind and then a Vader Bomb before throwing her to Jazz for a DDT and near pinfall.

Lee saved the pin and three Grace to the floor.

Lee tied up the ref so Purrazzo could hit jazz with the knockouts title belt and Susan scored the pin.

Valkyrie shot Bravo, heading to AEW?

Backstage, Gia asked Taya Valkyrie what’s next for her, and she responded that we all just watched Purrazzo help her friends and said she’ll play dirty too,

Bravo came up and accused her of spraying Larry D with the Ring Rust and shot Bravo. When she was confronted by Dreamer and Romero, she admitted it.

She said she never supported his and Rosemary’s relationship and she wanted to save Rosemary since Bravo’s useless. She added that her only regret is he didn’t die. Security then dragged her off.

Romero asked there they were taking her, and Dreamer said if she’s lucky they’ll send her to Jacksonville State Prison, but for what she did and it she’s unlucky she’ll go to Stamford Maximum Security Penitentiary for two years with an option for three.

Nothing like a good dig.

Security dragged her to the exit doors where Rosemary stopped them and demanded to know what she did.

Valkyrie said he was a monster and said she didn’t know why she didn’t tell her.

Valkyrie told her her biggest accomplishment was having Rosemary as a friend. Rosemary embraced her before security dragged her out of the building.

Crazzy Steve came over to comfort her and Rosemary said this is why she doesn’t have friends, and Steve said it excites him.

Kahn’s new ad

Tony Schiavone was part of another paid commercial to promote AEW Dynamite. He sent it to Tony Kahn who had Jerry Lynn with him.

He said they’ll be watching Impact to see Matt Hardy and Private Party in action.

Schiavone then ran down Dynamite’s card for tomorrow night.

Kahn said Matt’s there because he asked him to come, but admitted he won’t be able to out carny Impact because he’s a nice guy,

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