Is It Time For Kevin Owen To Win Back The Belt?

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Roman Reigns has been a great champion. He is one of the reasons why Smakcdown has become one of the best shows WWE has. His feud with Kevin Owens has been a great feud but all good feuds must come to an end. With Kevin Owens looking like the best wrestler to actually beat Romen Reigns in a last man standing match.

This then would set so many different storylines. That currently doesn’t seem likely from both sides of the table. How Roman Reigns loses may also involve another feud. With maybe interference from the Usos or Apollo Cruise. Then the feud should go on as Roman Reign tries to get his table in check.  

Roman Reigns has reached past Champion? 

If Roman Reigns doesn’t lose in the Royal Rumble. It will start to feel like no one will beat him due to the fact that WWE don’t build their wrestlers well. If Roman Reigns loses, he could be the wrestler that creates wrestlers. Like the Cody Rhodes of AEW that still wins but also puts whoever they go against in a new spotlight.

Then he could also be used in the future to win a belt to improve Smackdowns viewers later on down the line. This is also the fact that he could be used on Raw to build the views as they struggle at the moment. If he just keeps winning and has the belt, he will just run out of feuds quickly and we will be seeing a lot of repeated matches very soon. 

Could we see a legendary feud return? 

If Kevin Owens did win the belt, it could make so many iconic feuds for him. With the possibility of booking Kevin Owens Vs. Sami Zayn at Wrestlemania. As that feud deserves a massive stage. There are so many other wrestlers that Kevin Owens could feud with where it feels like they have more of a chance.

For example; Daniel Bryan, Big E, Cersaro, Apollo Cruze. If they build right against him there is a lot more they could do in the current WWE. Then it could go full circle to a rematch between both Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens next Wrestlemania. 

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