OVW TV 1118 Recap (1/17) – “OVW Nightmare Rumble 2021 Aftermath”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1118 Recap!

The opened with OVW National Champion Jesse Godderz walking through a corridor backstage where Legacy of Brutality encircled him.

Josh Ashcraft told him they warned him that if he stuck his nose in their business there’d be a problem. He gave Godderz the professional curtesy of telling him they’re coming for him and it’s not a question of if but when.

Bryan Kennison, Steve Johnson, and Shannon the Dude updated us on some title changes at the Nightmare Rumble like Hy-Zaya winning the Rush Division Championship and Omar Emir is the new OVW Heavyweight Champion.

Luscious Lawrence w/ Hollywood Haley J Defeated “The Fanny Pack Kid” Kal Herro by Pinfall

A fanny pack competition turned into a twerk off and it turned into a wrestling match that both looked great, with Herro standing out as a talented performer.

Haley J got involved by tripping Herro then pulling his hair in the corner to give Lawrence the edge after an early flurry.

Herro had a series of various pin attempts thought reversals, but Haley J stole his fanny back and taunted him with it before using it to knock him out for Lawrence to hit a One Night Stand for the win.

Gustavo Defeated Jumbo Zamora by Pinfall

Zamora made his OVW debut and reminded us of a young Samoa Joe. Gustavo’s a high flier and we’re interested to see how he fares in this match.

Gustavo used his speed early on to try to chop Zamora down, but Zamora’s size and power quickly turned the tide.

Jumbo used a variety of holds from a reverse chin lock to a Samoan Drop, and hammering on Gustavo, but Gustavo kept fighting and hit a reverse DDT for the win.

The Good Word with Reverend Ronnie Roberts

Reverend Ronnie Roberts was in the ring for the Good Word’s debut, asking for donations, and pointed out a man that only had two pennies and was willing to give them up.

He said Al Snow’s a cheapskate and doesn’t want to pay for a couch, chair or anything, so he had the donation plate passed around to help him with his “building fund.”

He promised that he’ll come out every Tuesday to teach and bring the world together, including the unwashed masses in attendance.

Ronnie’s so awesome as a heel that it’s easy to miss he’s being a heel at times.

He then introduced his first guest Dustin Jackson. Jackson came out and Ronnie told him to back it up since it’s COVID season and told him he should put a shirt on due to the sinful folks around.

He cited Jackson rising to the top and then fell down. He cut Jackson off when he said he did fail, saying it takes a big man to admit he’s a scumbag.

Ronnie then focused on Jackson and Ryan Howe as a tag team and how they let the tag titles slip through like water. The crowd said it’s Howe’s fault, and Ronnie asked him what he thinks.

Jackson took the mic away from Ronnie and said he did fail but it’s better than not achieving anything like Reverend Ronnie.

This was awesome as the crowd was cut down the middle for both of them and one shouted out to Jackson that that’s not how he should talk to a reverend.

This is OVW TV 1118 Recap new favorite wrestling talk show.

“The Complete Package” Tony Bizo Defeated “The Mercenary” Garrison Creed by Pinfall

Creed’s intensity and brawling style put Bizo on his back feet early on, but Bizo continued to turn it into a wrestling match instead of a fight.

Of course, wrestling with Bizo involves a thumb to the eye, but it ain’t cheating if he’s not trying, and few are better when they have the advantage.

Creed showed his toughness and ability by hitting a drop kick and standing moonsault before Bizo hit a fireman’s slam for the win.

Legacy of Brutality warns Tony Gunn

Koda Jacobs held a paid advertising ad to correct one of the most fraudulent Nightmare Rumbles in history but he was interrupted by the Legacy of Brutality, and Josh Ashcraft gave Tony Gunn the same warning he gave Godderz.

Koda Jacobs’ Equal Opportunity Challenge – “The Indian Lion” Mahabali Shera Defeated Koda Jacobs by Pinfall

Jacobs introduced himself as the pioneer and originator for a brighter future in wrestling, and continued his campaign to challenge the results of the Nightmare Rumble results in court.

He announced the start of his open Equal Opportunity Challenge and Mahabali Shera accepted his challenge and came out.

Shera hit a Sky High for the win in a matter of seconds.

Omar Emir Defeated “The Iron Bear” Tom Coffey by Pinfall

Emir wants to be a fighting champion even if it’s non-title, and it’s going to be fun watching him carry the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

Coffey got in Emir’s face right away, and Emir didn’t hesitate to go after Coffey, but Coffey’s nasty streak came to the fore and gave him a brief edge.

Emir took control and dominated the rest of the match and hit an Island Time (spinebuster) for the win.

This was a good show and was fun throughout. What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining OVW TV 1118 Recap.

We had a great time and can’t wait to see you all next time.

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