WWE NXT UK Results: The Hunt vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter

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The NXT UK Tag Team division was not able to be part of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic this year, but still have a way to name their next contenders. Gallus have been on top of the division for some time, and have run through everyone who got in their path. Tonight, they can prepare for their next challengers as it’s The Hunt vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter in a Fatal Four Way elimination match! This promises to be an epic one.

All Hell Breaks Loose Early

Andrews & Sam Stoker would have started, but Smith was tagged in instead. Smith got a wrist lock on Andrews, who used his speed to break free before getting a roll up for an early two count. Andrews was taken to the mat, before breaking the grip of Smith and tagging in Webster. Webster rolled Smith up, before being distracted by Pretty Deadly and taking a knee strike. Carter was tagged in, and kept control of Webster, but missed a tag to Andrews, and was hit with a step up hurricanrana.

Stoker would tag in, go for the pinfall, fail to eliminate Carter and get back out of the match as fast as possible. Andrews was legal again, and hit with an assisted splash for a near fall. Smith hit a big suplex for another close one, before Andrews would slap Howley to make him legal. Howley took some big lariats, and no one would let him tag out to save himself.

Primate would tag in, but only to beat up Howley, and Stoker tried to help his partner, only to be attacked by Wild Boar. Pretty Deadly both took German Suplexes, and Howley would find himself in the corner of Webster & Andrews. They’ve had big issues with The Hunt this year, and tagged in to start a big brawl.

When the dust from the brawl settled, Primate & Smith were legal. Boar tagged in, got a double headbutt and The Hunt were looking like they’d notch the first elimination. An assisted senton crushed Smith, and Carter was taken off the apron just before Smith wanted the tag. Howley tagged in, and Smith got Webster in instead of Carter.

The Hunt Is Over

Webster hit the Rude Boy Block, but ended up in the corner of Pretty Deadly, with Andrews having to save his partner from a double suplex. Andrews would be hit with a superplex after Smith tagged in and powerbombed Stoker, but Smith wasn’t able to get the pin. Howley tagged in, but was just caught with a double stomp to the back, Carter bouncing off him into a moonsault press to the outside, then a Falcon Arrow.

Stoker saved Pretty Deadly’s match, and before Primate tagged in and dove into a superkick from Carter. Smith tagged back in, only to be planted with a suplex, and set up for the finish by The Hunt. Instead, Webster & Morgan isolated Wild Boar, and Smith & Carter took Primate out with a huge assisted cutter for the first elimination. The Hunt is gone.

Pretty Deadly knew Carter wasn’t fresh, and rushed in and pressed this advantage. Carter was able to break free and get Smith in, who threw Stoker across the ring. The Death Valley Driver didn’t work, but Stoker got rolled up. Smith was sent to the ropes, where Howley wanted the cheap shot but was caught and pulled up to the apron for a lariat. Stoker got a roll up, which was once again countered and managed to kick out. Howley tagged in, but was hit with a back body drop into a 450 Splash for a two count.

Andrews was tagged in, and got a wheelbarrow bulldog on Carter before taking it to Smith. Smith had control of Andrews, missed a tag to Webster. Andrews hit the reverse hurricanrana assisted by a running knee strike from Webster, who would pin Smith to make this a normal tag team match. It’s just Andrews & Webster vs. Pretty Deadly.

This Win Was Pretty Deadly

After a quick breather, the final two teams got into it. Webster started with Stoker, or so he fought as Howley tagged in and Stoker took him down with a single leg. He was isolated in the corner of Pretty Deadly, who have stayed out of this match as much as they could. Webster showed his fight and speed and got Andrews in, who came in and caught both men with a Double Pele Kick. Andrews got Stoker on the apron with 619, before rolling up Howley and hitting a double stomp.

The springboard hurricanrana got a two count, but Andrews was outnumbered with Webster down, and Pretty Deadly took advantage and attacked the previously injured leg. An airplane spin into a single leg boston crab would test the grit of Andrews, before the hold was shifted into a Figure Four Leg Lock. Webster was forced to break the submission off, but the damage was done. Andrews managed to hit Stundog Millionaire, and tag in Webster.

Webster came off the top with a swanton bomb, but Howley broke the pin up. Andrews took Howley out on the outside with a hurricanrana, before Stoker was sent outside onto Howley. Webster dove onto both men, and Andrews wanted to follow up… but a sneak attack from Eddie Dennis with a chair shut this down. Andrews was all alone, and Pretty Deadly hit a combo spinebuster/cutter combo to win this match!

Can Pretty Deadly defeat Gallus to become the next NXT UK Tag Team Champions? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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