WWE Raw Results (1/4) Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans Defeated Asuka and Charlotte Flair (w/Ric Flair) by Pinfall

After Ric tripped Charlotte, Royce rolled her up for the win

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WWE Raw Results tuned in as they showed a clip of Charlotte Flair earlier in the day where she told the Royal Rumble entrants not to listen to people citing the odds, and declared herself an entrant for the next Royal Rumble.

Charlotte Flair came out with her father, Ric Flair, on her arm.

Orton tries to goad the Big Show

Backstage, Riddle chatted with the Big Show about being the Big Bro before Riddle headed off to get ready for his match against Bobby Lashley.

Orton came up to him and the two stood face to face as Orton said it must be an interesting feeling knowing that the Big Show can never compete with him again.

When big Show asked why can’t he, Orton reminded him the last time they were in the ring Orton hit him with an RKO and a Punt to end his career.

Orton grabbed him by the neck but Show just laughed and sat down. He told Orton he knows he’s just trying to get him to do something fooling and said it wasn’t working.

Big Show said he’s proud to be out there with the legends, and Orton challenged him that if he was proud he’d face him but the Big Show doesn’t have the guts to face the Legend Killer so he’ll be on his way.

Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans vs. Asuka and Charlotte Flair (w/Ric Flair)

WWE Raw Results returned as Royce and Flair started it off and Flair dropped Royce with a rear waist lock, and then did the same with Evans except she didn’t let go.

Evans hit an elbow to get out of it, but Flair dropped her and went for a figure 4 but Evans got to the bottom rope and then slipped to the floor.

Back in the ring, Royce blind tagged in when Flair chased Evans into the ring. Flair hit Evans with a right, and then nailed Royce with a right.

Evans slammed Flair to the ring, and Royce hammered away on the Queen, but Flair fought back and flipped over the tope rope and hit Royce with a shoulder through the ropes, then went for a sunset flip.

Royce rolled through the flip and hit with a running knee and antagonized Asuka so they could double team Flair.

Evans came in and they went for a double backdrop, but they telegraphed it and Flair hit both of them with a kick, then caught Evans in a backbreaker as Asuka tagged in.

Asuka hit Evans with a missile dropkick and then sent her to the floor with a hip attack after Evans tagged in Royce.

She caught Royce with a shoulder block off the ropes, then a hip attack before she caught Evans with a kick.

Asuka then hit both, Royce with a bulldog and Evans with a clothesline for a near pinfall on Royce.

Royce caught Asuka with a right to send her to the floor while Ric Flair strutted by Evans. When Evans turned to continue flirting with him, Charlotte walked up and slapped her.

Evans tackled Charlotte while she argued with her father and we headed to commercial

Dirtiest player in the game

Back from commercial, the action was back in the ring as Evans and Royce double stomped Asuka in their corner.

Evans slapped on a wrist lock, then tagged Royce in.

Royce nailed Asuka a couple of times, then threw her into a corner, then across the ring.

Evans came in and hit a snapmare and locked in an arm lock before she slammed Asuka’s face into the mat several times.

Asuka nailed Royce a couple of times, but Royce held on and threw her into their corner. Asuka fought out of there with elbows and rights before nailing Royce with a clothesline.

Flair leveled Evans with a clothesline and Royce with a big boot. She caught Evans’ kick and nailed a big right hand, then stomped on her left leg in the ropes and followed it with a series of chops.

Evans slid out of a exploder attempt and Royce blind tagged in. Flair then hit an exploder of Evans, and caught Royce with a kick and a fallaway slam.

She tagged in Asuka and climbed to the top rope to hit a moonsault on Evans and Royce, and Asuka followed that with a running knee to Royce for a near pinfall.

Royce hit an elbow while Flair tagged in. Asuka hit a double knee to the face on Royce, and Flair partially hit Natural Selection on her for a pin attempt that was broken up by Evans.

Asuka threw Evans to the apron, and Evans dodged a hip attack and hit a neckbreaker on Asuka in the ropes.

Lounging on the apron, Evans continued to flirt with Ric.

Flair hit with a baseball slide when Evans was about to kiss Ric, and then threw Evans into the ring.

Royce missed a kick, but Ric tripped Charlotte in the ropes and Royce rolled her up for the pin.

Evans gave Ric a big kiss, leaving him smiling ear to ear while his daughter looked pissed.

After the match, Charlotte told Ric to stay out of her business and told him to get out and he walked away from the ring dejected.

Old and new bonding

Backstage, Sheamus asked Drew McIntyre if he was ready for his match, and he said he’s always ready.

McIntyre added it’s a pleasure to show the legends what he can do.

Sheamus asked him to give Lee an extra kick to the head for him and wished McIntyre good luck.

As he turned around, Hulk Hogan was there with “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart.

Hogan told them he’s Sheamus’ number one fan, and wished McIntyre all the luck in the world. He added that he’s proud of how McIntyre’s held the WWE flag high through the tough times.

He added that McIntyre reminds him of himself, and McIntyre thanked him.

McIntyre jokingly asked if Sheamus reminds him of Jimmy Hart, and Sheamus told them they weren’t funny, but he’d meet them for drinks later.

Jimmy chased him away with his microphone telling him to lighten up in a fun bit WWE Raw Results enjoyed.

Hogan and McIntyre then cut a Hogan-esc promo with Hogan.

Call us a mark, but WWE Raw Results loved this.

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