WWE Royal Rumble Results: Men’s Royal Rumble Match

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We all know how the Royal Rumble works. 30 men enter, one man stands tall with a title shot at Wrestlemania. Randy Orton, Edge, AJ Styles, Big E, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Lashley, Jey Uso, Cesaro, The Miz, John Morrison, Otis, Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler, & Mustafa Ali have all declared entry to the match. This leaves 13 open slots, and Randy Orton & Edge start the match at #1 & #2. Who will win?

Let The Royal Rumble Begin, Edge Assaults Orton

11 years to the date, Edge won the Royal Rumble. Tonight, he can do it again and become the fifth man to start the match and win. Orton will do everything in his power to stomp him, and this one started before Orton hit the ring. Edge ran up the ramp to attack him, and drove him into the apron. The match started with them both finally in the ring, but they slipped out under the middle rope and brawled some more.

As they brawled, Sami Zayn entered at number three, and was helping Orton beat down Edge. Orton held him down, Zayn stomped away. Ali came in at number four, with more of Retribution waiting. His first rumble saw him go thirty minutes, and went right after Edge as well. Zayn & Orton held his arms back, while Ali threw punches to the head. It was closing time for Edge, three men looking to dump him over, but an old rival was here to help.

Jeff Hardy was number five, and a rival of Orton, so was able to rush the ring and save Edge. Whisper of the Wind nailed Zayn & Ali, before he was shoved into an RKO. Orton hit RKO’s on Zayn & Ali, before taking a spear from Edge, with both men slipping outside. Edge only has eyes for Orton, and hit the Impaler onto the announce table.

Dolph Ziggler was out here, and this marks his 13th time in a row, 2009 to 2021! However, Edge was beating up Orton with a steel chair, and Orton was bloody. Ziggler eliminated Hardy, and Edge finally got to other people as he attacks Ziggler & Ali, before taking the Zig Zag. Shinsuke Nakamura got number seven, and went right after Ziggler, as Orton was helped to the back.

Big E Gets Serious

Nakamura would take out Ali before trying to throw Ziggler out, as Carlito made his long awaited Royal Rumble return. Every year, fans wanted him, and he’s back after a decade. Carlito was in insane shape, but Nakamura stole his apple and took a backstabber.

Ali went after Carlito, before being taken down, and Carlito almost threw out Zayn. Xavier Woods was number nine, and went right after Ali, who had been mocking an injured Kofi on the build to the Rumble. Zayn would again help Ali, before Big E hit the ring to help out his New Day brother

Big E took the Intercontinental Championship from Zayn, and would be lifted by Xavier and dropped onto Zayn. The Midnight Hour was hit, and Zayn was gone! Next up was John Morrison at number eleven, and started to try to take fellow veteran Edge out. Woods & Ali were in peril on the other side of the ring, but Big E made the save. Ali still got Woods out, but had an irate Big E waiting to dump him out.

Ricochet was number twelve, and dove into the ring onto the mass of bodies, before kicking Ziggler in the head. Edge threw Ricochet to the outside, only to realize how fast he was as he was hit with a headscissors into a dropkick. Elias was next, at lucky number thirteen.

Bad Bunny Takes Flight

Carlito nailed a dropkick on Elias, before taking a jumping knee and being thrown over the top rope. Number fourteen was Damien Priest, a man expected to leave NXT on this night. He’d go right to work on Elias with The Reckoning, before wiping out Ricochet with a lariat. Morrison took a spin kick, and some stomps from Priest. Elias was dumped over the top rope by Priest, and Orton was being checked out in the back.

Priest almost got Edge out, before being stopped. The Miz was number fifteen, and used his MITB briefcase to destroy Bad Bunny’s DJ set up from the earlier musical segment. Miz hit Big E with the Skull Crushing Finale, before working with Morrison on Ricochet with a DDT. Bad Bunny wanted to come fight Miz, as Priest took out both Miz & Morrison! Priest watched as Bad Bunny came off the top rope, crashing onto both men.

Number sixteen was Riddle, who traded strikes with Nakamura and was able to win out. Priest would get Riddle from behind, as Daniel Bryan came in at number seventeen, who wants to win his first battle royal tonight. He hit dropkick after dropkick, before taking a German Suplex from Ricochet. Edge was almost eliminated again. His Team Hell No partner, Kane was at eighteen, entering his eighteenth rumble ironically. He’d take Ziggler out quick, then Ricochet with a chokeslam on the apron. Bryan asked to hug it out, and instead got a chokeslam.

Edge & Christian Reunited

Priest would match up nicely with Kane, throwing some strikes and dumping him out of the match, his fourth elimination tonight! King Corbin was in next, making this rumble royal. Nakamura was sent over the top rope by Corbin, before Otis made it in at twenty. A discuss lariat from Otis was followed by his body slamming Big E, and throwing Riddle with a suplex. Priest took the Caterpillar, but Corbin eliminated him before he got the Vader Bomb.

Bryan launched kicks in the corner on Corbin, before Dominik Mysterio was at twenty-one. Corbin was his target after weeks of attacks, but Mysterio took him out. Big E crushed Mysterio in the corner, as Riddle & Bryan traded blows in the middle of the ring. Lashley came for Riddle, and took Mysterio out. Priest was next for Lashley, before Big E charged in. Big E slipped out of a suplex, and Riddle took over on Lashley.

The Hurricane was rolling into the thunderdome at twenty three, and Big E wanted him. An eye poke was followed by him running into Lashley. He wanted a double chokeslam, before Lashley & Big E just threw him out. Christian would be the number twenty-four entrance, looking better than ever. Edge looked like he heard a ghost, but it was his tag team and podcast partner.

Christian would help take Lashley out, before dropping Big E with the Killswitch. Edge & Christian hugged it out, and took out Riddle with a double team. AJ Styles was number twenty-five, and went after Edge. Last year, Edge injured Styles with a spear. He’d take another after missing the forearm, but wasn’t hurt this time.

Braun Strowman Steamrolls His Way To The Ring

Twenty six was Rey Mysterio, who doesn’t need to save his son and just dove onto Christian, before almost taking out Styles, who was saved by Omos. Omos then drug Big E over the top rope from the outside, then chokeslammed on the table. Christian had his arm attacked by Bryan, as Sheamus entered at twenty-seven. Riddle took some clubbing blows, and so did Edge.

Sheamus hit a double lariat, then the Irish Curse on Styles. A brogue kick rocked Christian, and Omos took out Mysterio. Cesaro got number twenty-eight, and started throwing uppercuts until meeting his Bar partner with a giant swing, then almost throwing him over the top. Bryan got the next swing, and Riddle would have been next. Number twenty-nine was Seth Rollins, who has been gone since Survivor Series.

Cesaro caught him as he came in with an uppercut, and Braun Strownman hit the ring as the final entrant. Riddle was thrown aside, Cesaro & Sheamus swatted aside, and Styles thrown onto Omos, but remains safe. Strownman got Cesaro & Sheamus fast, then got Styles out. Edge & Christian got the double spear, and Riddle squared off with Bryan. They’d trade strikes, before Bryan switched to Edge and almost got the elimination. Christian made the save, but took a dropkick.

Strowman took a dropkick next, and called Riddle back out for some hard forerams. Riddle & Bryan chain wrestled on the mat, Riddle getting Bryan up out of the triangle and almost getting the elimination. Bryan came back off the middle rope, and fired up as Rollins snuck in from behind and hit a curb stomp, and threw Bryan out. Riddle was taken out by Rollins & Strowman,

Edge Is An Ironman

The final four was Rollins, Strowman, Edge & Christian. Rollins wanted to partner with Strowman, but was powerbombed. Strowman almost had Edge, but Christian helped make the save. Rollins got Christian & Strowman, and Edge threw Rollins out! He wins…. OR SO WE THOUGHT!

Orton comes from behind with the RKO! Edge was about to be thrown out, but reversed with his last energy and got Orton out! Eleven years to the day, Edge wins his second rumble. Who will Edge choose for Wrestlemania? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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