Ring Of Honor Results: Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses & Khan) vs. MexiBloods (Flamita, Bandido & Rey Horus) [ROH Trios Championship Match]

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Back in Final Battle 2020, there was a defense scheduled for the Ring Of Honor Trios Championships. Undefeated trio Shane Taylor Promotions were going to face Mexisquad, but Bandido & Flamita wouldn’t be able to get into the ROH bubble due to failed COVID-19 tests. Shane Taylor Promotions refused to be handed the championships, and tonight have a chance to earn them.

This could lead to Shane Taylor winning his first of two back to back championship matches, as he takes aim at RUSH and the ROH World Championship next week. It’s pure power vs. speed and technique, a classic combination.

Mexisquad Shows Their Speed & Unity

Code of Honor was adhered too, and Rey Horus would start with Shane Taylor. Taylor ran right in, and a brawl broke out as Shane Taylor Promotions took control. Bandido was taken out, and Khan missed a boot on Flamita in the ring, and was rolled into a 619 to the back of the head. Khan would take a hurricanrana from Flamita and a dropkick, before Moses was tagged in.

Moses would back Flamita into a tag from Bandido, and Bandido had zero fear. Bandio got a big dropkick, before Moses showed his speed, leapfrogging over Bandido and hitting a body press. Moses went for a lariat, and Bandido was run down with a body press.

Taylor was tagged alongside Horus, Horus nailed a series of quick strikes, before flipping out of the corner, baiting Taylor hit and setting up a flying hurricanrana, which Taylor blocked using sheer power. Horus managed to not get planted with a powerbomb, but was launched into the air for a flapjack as we went to commercial break.

Shane Taylor Is Always The Difference Maker

Back from break, Moses and Khan were going to work on Horus, who countered a powerbomb into a hurricanrana and hit a springboard tornado DDT. Taylor & Bandido got tags, and Bandido went to work with some straight right hands and a sky twister press, but Taylor caught him. Bandido got free, tagged Flamita who dove off his shoulders for a hurricanrana. STP took a second on the outside, before all three members of Mexisquad dove to the outside and took everyone out.

Back in the ring, Flamita hit a 450 Splash on Shane Taylor, with Moses breaking it up. Mexisquad went to work on Khan, hitting a triple powerbomb, a flurry of kicks and a creative leg sweep. A pop up twisting splash from Bandido and Flamita got a near fall, before Flamita & Horus hit superkicks on Moses. Taylor came in and avoided the Tornado DDT, used Bandido to kick Flamita, before hitting the knee strike. Moses took out Horus & Bandido.

Flamita was alone with Taylor, who hit Welcome To The Land to make Shane Taylor Promotions the new six man tag team champions. Will Shane Taylor add the ROH World Championship to his collection next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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