WWE Raw Results (2/22) Tornado Tag Match – The Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander) w/MVP Defeated Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik) by Pinfall

Benjamin hit Pay Dirt on Dorado for the win

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WWE Raw Results took a deep breath for the speed we expect this one to move at, and Alexander and Dorado paired off with Benjamin and Metalik squaring off on the other side of the ring.

The foursome hammered on each other with Benjamin getting the upper and on Metalik with a couple of knees and blows that sent him to the mat.

Benjamin whipped him into the ropes and hit a clothesline.

Alexander snapmared Dorado out of the corner and hit a dropkick to his back for a pin attempt.

Benjamin worked over Metalik in the corner while Alexander did the same to Dorado.

Benjamin hit a backdrop while Alexander choked out Dorado and sent him to the floor.

Alexander hit a suplex for a pin attempt on Metalik as Dorado came in and Benjamin went after him with some blows and knees.

Dorado tried to fight back, but Benjamin stretched Dorado on his back and Alexander hit Dorado with a dropkick for a near pinfall.

Benjamin threw Dorado to the floor to double team Metalik, and Benjamin hit a snap suplex and Alexander followed it with a knee drop.

Dorado tried to pull Metalik to the floor, but Alexander grabbed Dorado and drove him into the barricade and then the side of the ring before rolling him into the ring.

Smooth teamwork

Metalik started to get the upper hand on Lashley with several rights while Alexander worked over Dorado.

Metalik had Benjamin in a corner and climbed up the ropes to hammer away, but Benjamin picked him up and carried him to the middle of the ring for a powerbomb and near pinfall that Dorado saved by diving in.

The pair stomped down Dorado in a corner and Alexander chocked him out while Benjamin picked up Metalik for their finisher.

Alexander tried to somersault off the ropes but Dorado grabbed his hands and pulled him onto the apron to his a kick, then hit a step up kick on Benjamin.

Metalik hit a tornado DDT and Dorado hit a splash from the top rope for a double pin but Alexander saved it.

Lucha House Party beat on Alexander and whipped him into a corner. Alexander sent Metalik over the top rope to the apron and hit with a reverse elbow.

Alexander caught Dorado with a boot, and Dorado hit a hurricanrana off the top rope, and Metalik walked the ropes but Benjamin pulled Alexander out of the way and Metalik rolled through it.

Benjamin then steamrolled Metalik with a shoulder block, then threw Dorado into a knee strike my Alexander. Benjamin then hit a Pay Dirt on Dorado for the win.

WWE Raw Results love seeing Benjamin and Alexander working so well together. Things are going to be fun.

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