AEW Dynamite Results: FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) & Tully Blanchard vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt)

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It’s not everyday you get to see Tully Blanchard wrestle. He’s not laced up his boots since 2007, but he’s back tonight to team with FTR. They will face down all three members of Jurassic Express in six man tag team action. This makes it similar to when Diamond Dallas Page wrestled back in 2019, and we will have to see if this 67 year old man can turn the clock back.

Tully Blanchard Still Got Some Skills

Speaking of turning the clock back, J.J Dillion was the manager for FTR & Tully Blanchard, who came out sporting the old NWA United States Championship. He helped make that belt famous in bouts like the I Quit match with Magnum T.A in ‘85. Granted, he was wrestling in a shirt, but this is still surreal.

Blanchard started the match with Marko Stunt, and was able to get the best of him with some hard knee strikes in the corner. Harwood & Jungle Boy tagged in, and picked up where they left off in their recent singles encounter with hard strikes. Jungle Boy would get Harwood moving before nailing a dropkick, and had one for Wheeler too before a lariat on Harwood. Wheeler took a German Suplex, and Harwood would be put in the Snare Trap.

The hold was broken, but Jungle Boy put the Snare Trap on Wheeler on the outside, and he was tapping out for all that was worth. J.J Dillion slipped Harwood something as the referee was occupied, and Jungle Boy barely kicked out after being whacked with the shoe! Blanchard tagged in and even teased a dive to the outside onto Jungle Boy.

In a picture in picture break, Jungle Boy would be slammed onto exposed concrete outside before being taken in and beaten down by all three opponents. Jungle Boy was in dire need of a tag, but was locked in a submission in the middle of the ring. He’d get free and hit a back suplex, making the long crawl but was caught by Wheeler who hit an Oklahoma Stampede, but met boots on the Vader Bomb.

Luchasaurus Is Always A Difference Maker

Luchasaurus got a tag, and started to clean house with some big chops and kicks. He could take on both members of FTR, and Blanchard was taken out by having Stunt thrown at him. FTR was hit with a double german suplex, before Harwood escaped a chokeslam and Luchasaurus ran into the ring post. Thankfully Jungle Boy helped out, hitting Harwood with a hurricanrana into the waiting arms of Luchasaurus who slammed him.

Luchasaurus tagged out to Jungle Boy, and Wheeler immediately took him out with a DDT on the outside. FTR set up the superplex into a splash combo, but it only got a two count. Wheeler hit a deadlift german suplex and a dragon suplex, but Marko Stunt dove in with a frog splash. Tully Blanchard would hit a classic slingshot suplex on Stunt taking him out. He’d square up with Luchasaurus, and take the Tail Whip kick.

Luchasaurus tagged in and hit the backdrop into a powerbomb, but Wheeler kicked out. A camera man attacked Jungle Boy and then Luchasaurus, allowing FTR & Blanchard to hit a spike piledriver, with Blanchard pinning him for the win! The ‘Camera Man’ would be revealed to be Shawn Spears, another client of Blanchard, who now joins FTR.

Would you want to see Tully Blanchard wrestle more? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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