Impact Wrestling Results (3/2) – Triple Threat Match – Deonna Purrazzo w/Kimber Lee and Susan Defeated Jordynne Grace (pinfall) w/ Jazz and Kiera Hogan w/Tasha Steelz

Purrazzo rolled Grace up for the pin after she missed a splash on Hogan

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Impact Wrestling Results have been waiting for this one. Better buckle up. This one is going to be a fun one.

Grace and Hogan went after Purrazzo and stomped her down, and Grace threw her to the floor, and Hogan hammered on Grace as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, allegiances shifted and Hogan and Purrazzo stomped down Grace.

Grace caught Hogan with a elbow and Purrazzo with an exploder. Purrazzo headed to the floor while Grace hit a sidewalk slam for a pin attempt on Hogan.

Grace then hit clubbing blows to Hogan and game off the ropes but Purrazzo tripped her.

Hogan dodged Purrazzo’s big boot, but Purrazzo managed to lock in the Fujiwara armbar but Grace broke it up.

Grace threw then into the corner one after the other, and ran into a boot by Hogan, and Purrazzo shoved her into Grace and slapped on an armbar but Grace made it to the ropes.

What friends?

Purrazzo stayed after Grace and tried to whip her across the ring into Hogan, then gave up and threw Hogan into her.

Grace flipped Hogan onto the apron and fought off Purrazzo.

Hogan hit a crossbody on Purrazzo and then a tilt the world on Grace, the tried pins on Purrazzo and Grace.

Hogan kicked Grace, but Grace fought back and dropped her after a couple of blows.

Hogan fought her off, but Grace hit a reverse elbow and a roll through suplex for a pin attempt that Purrazzo broke up and went for a single leg crab.

Purrazzo hit Hogan with a kick and Grace caught Purrazzo with a spine buster.

Grace hit Purrazzo with a right, then Hogan. The three then exchanged blows before Grace gained the upperhand.

Hogan hit a kick off the ropes, and Purrazzo hit Hogan with a rolling exploder for a pin attempt that Grace broke up.

Purrazzo fought out of a Grace driver, and her and Hogan went for a double suplex but Grace responded with a double clothesline.

Why she’s the champion

Everyone got into a fight on the floor, and Grace dove through the ropes and took them all out. She then helped Jazz up and threw Hogan into the ring.

Grace his a running double knees to Hogan’s back in the corner and then a hip attack, but Steelz pulled Hogan out of the way of Grace’s splash, and Purrazzo slid in and rolled Grace up for the pin.

After the match, Grace chased down Steelz on the ramp and they fought their way to the back.

ODB came into the ring and went after Purrazzo and hit her face plant and stood over Purrazzo holding the Knockouts Championship up above her.

This was an awesome match and a great way to close out the night.

Overall it was a pretty good show and it set the stage for Sacrifice coming on the 13th.

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results. We had a blast and can’t wait to see you all next week.

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