AEW Dynamite Results: Darby Allin vs. JD Drake [TNT Championship Match]

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Darby Allin is making up for lost time as TNT Champion, and is determined to defend the belt as much as possible now. He’s recently taken down Scorpio Sky, Joey Janela, and John Silver, and tonight has a big challenge in JD Drake. With bad eyesight you could mix him up for a young Arn Anderson, and he’s about that tough in the ring. Allin will have his pain threshold put the limits in this one if he wants to remain the champion.

Sting Sends Ryan Nemeth Running

This was an open challenge, and JD Drake accepted which explains how someone with a 2-3 record got a title match. Allin was outmatched in size and power like usual, and would have to stick and move. However, Drake would pop over Allin and hit a heavy chop to the chest of Allin and left a big handmark.

Allin slipped outside and lured Drake as well, before hitting a dive through the ropes. He’d look for a second off the turnbuckle, but Ryan Nemeth would get in his face on the apron. Allin shrugged this off and dove into Drake, who swatted him out of the sky with a shoulder block.

Nemeth looked to get involved again, and Sting would drive him off. Drake got Allin back in the ring and hit a senton, as Sting dove Nemeth off into the night. Allin was in bad shape in the ring as Drake just kept it simple and powerful, slamming him around and hitting elbow drops.

JD Drake Impresses Against Darby Allin

Drake would keep throwing his weight around with heavy chops in the corner. Allin struck back, only to have his face chopped and then get slammed into the mat before Drake tried for the pin. Drake applied a sleeper hold, but Allin slipped out just to be thrown with a suplex. Allin fought as Drake looked for something in the corner, only to be shoved off and hit with a diving leg lariat.

Drake pulled Allin outside, and sent him off the ropes back into a lariat, a unique move from Drake. Allin played possum by the barricade, and let Drake smash into it before hitting a dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Allin failed to hit the coffin drop, Drake hitting from behind before tying him up in the tree of woe.

He’d hit the cannonball senton, before a Vader Bomb. Allin kicked out at two, so Drake went for a moonsault and missed. Drake was hit with a second rope Code Red, and the Coffin Drop which got Darby Allin another defense! Who will stop Darby Allin? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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