AEW Dynamite Results: Scorpio Sky vs. Darby Allin [TNT Championship Match]

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Neither Scorpio Sky or Darby Allin left Revolution at 100%, but they’re still in action tonight on AEW Dynamite. It’s a do or die match for Allin following his Street Fight with Team Taz, as he now defends the TNT Championship against Sky, who won the Face of The Revolution Ladder Match. Sky has long felt this championship is what he deserves, and tonight he just needs to take it.

Scorpio Sky Won’t Waste This Chance

This one started with a fist bump to show respect before they’d lock up. Sky has the size and power edge, but Allin is unpredictable. Allin took Sky down with a headlock, before going into a hammerlock. Sky tried to counter with a scoop slam, only for Allin to slip behind him and look for a roll up.

Allin grabbed a tight waist lock, and refused to let Sky free, showing his standout amateur wrestling skills. Sky would get the ropes and grab a waist lock, launching Allin up and slamming him down into the mat. Allin managed to fling Sky outside, but missed the baseball slide to the outside.

Sky feigned a dive, and Allin didn’t fall for it, instead looking to flip back into the ring, but landing awkwardly on the leg. He’d seem to hurt it, but Sky didn’t care as he ran him over with a back elbow. Sky would nail some tight european uppercuts, and try to put him away with a backbreaker.

Allin slipped free, only to be hit with a Russian Leg Sweep, before applying an abdominal stretch. Sky would be hit with a hip toss, before coming back with a chop. Allin countered a sunset flip into a pinfall of his own, getting a two count, before walking into a right hand from Sky.

Darby Allin Catches Sky With The Flash Pin

Sky would have hit another right hand, but Allin took his time getting up so he could move into the Stundog Millionaire. Allin would follow up with the Code Red, getting a near fall. Sky came back with a big boot and a set of German Suplexes, Allin nearly escaping by attacking the fingers before being whipped into the turnbuckle.

Sky looked for the slingshot cutter, but Allin sent him to the outside. Allin dove through the ropes before being caught with the cutter out of the sky! Back in the ring, this got Sky a near fall. Sky would set up the Brainbuster with some knee strikes, before setting Allin up on the top rope.

Allin fought his way free and went for a Coffin Drop, but Sky caught him with a powerbomb out of the sky again. Sky set up the TKO, and Allin countered into a small package for the win. After the match, Sky snapped and continued to beat down Allin with a heel hook.

Will Sky ever become TNT Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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