WWE NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver Results: MSK vs. Legado Del Fantasma vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

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It’s always sad to see a title reign end due to injury, and that was the case for the reign of Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch as NXT Tag Team Champions. However, it does mean that tonight we are sure to get a new champion in this big triple threat match! MSK won the 2021 Dusty Cup, Grizzled Young Veterans were the runner ups, and Legado Del Fantasma are the wild card in this situation. It feels like they were added to not have this be a total rematch of MSK vs. GYV at the last takeover, but don’t count them out.

Chaotic Action From The Start

Lee, Wilde & Gibson started, before Mendoza tagged in and LDF picked Gibson apart. Gibson would fight them off, before going after the previously injured hand of Lee. Lee was picked up and slammed down by the wrist, before tagging in Carter. Carter was sent out of the ring, but Mendoza came in alongside James Drake.

Grizzled Young Veteran took Mendoza out, and when Carter got back into the ring, Drake just mauled him in the corner. Carter had his ear stomped, before Drake applied a headlock. This one was slowed down from the early chaos, as GYV wrestled at their own pace. MSK didn’t like this, so when Carter got free he’d tag in Lee, who picked the pace up.

Drake was sent outside, and MSK hit a version of poetry in motion, before LDF got back into the mix, sending Lee outside and hitting a double dive. Mendoza spent five years climbing to Takeover, and he was showing why he belongs as he hit a coast to coast dropkick alongside Wilde.

Gibson broke the pinfall up, and was mauled by LDF for it before being sent outside. Mendoza hit a snap suplex on Carter, before tagging Wilde to hit a hip toss on Mendoza who springboard off the ropes for a near fall. Carter was isolated in the LDF corner, as they made tags and rushed in with lariats. It was high speed tag team wrestling 101, and Carter was getting demolished.

MSK Makes Their Dream Come True

After about ten lariats, LDF hit a double suplex and Mendoza nailed a Lionsault. Drake slipped into the ring and almost stole the match with a roll up, but this allowed Lee to make the tag. Lee would hit everything that moved, and after taking out Drake in the ring, and he took out Gibson on the outside.

MSK hit the shoving moonsault, but it only got a two count. Mendoza came in and hit a twisting suplex, but Lee was running wild and took him out. Gibson stopped Lee from going up top and trapped the hand in the corner. Drake hit the dropkick to the hand, and Gibson applied the Shankly Gates, all the pressure on the hand. Carter would stop his partner from tapping out as Drake choked him out, before LDF saved this match.

They would set up the leg sweep and running roundhouse, but Wes Lee somehow kicked out of this killshot. All six men would start brawling, and Wilde was taken out with a Tope Doomsday Device from GYV, and Mendoza was dropped by MSK.

MSK & GYV would stare each other down, and pick up where they left off in the Dusty Cup. It was a slug fest, before Carter was left alone. He’d counter Ticket To Mayhem, and hit a double cutter. MSK hit the modified blockbuster, and we have new champions!

Who will challenge MSK first for those belts? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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