WWE Smackdown Results (4/16) – Bianca Belair and the Street Profits Celebrate her WrestleMania 37 Win

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WWE Smackdown Results weren’t surprised when the Street Profits headed to the ring to celebrate Bianca Belair’s Smackdown Women’s Championship victory.

Ford and Dawkins welcomed us to Friday night, and Dawkins said it’s time for them to do some spring cleaning in the tag team division.

Ford promised the Dirty Dawgs will get smashed, but that’s not all they’re there for.

Ford said WrestleMania was historic, but the one match he’ll tell his grandkids about is Belair’s win over Sasha Banks.

We then got a pretty cool video replay of the match with quotes from Fox Sports.

Afterwards, Dawkins said he’s got the feels and Ford said the champaign is ready for celebration and they want to share this moment with Smackdown’s fans.

He then introduced Bianca Belair, who came out with an above average amount of energy for obvious reasons.

Belair said she feels like she’s been floating since Saturday night and she feels blessed. Despite the setbacks and struggles, she never stopped believing this moment was possible.

Her family has been making history for generations and they taught her that she could change the world by working hard, and that she would’ve said she could see her winning if asked a year ago.

She said it’s not cockinesss, it’s just her being confident. Everyone has the EST in themselves and when we find it we should’ve hesitate to show our confidence.

She added that if we can dream it we can do it.

Belair then thanked Sasha Banks for sharing the spotlight with her and it took both of them to make history.

She then told Banks that if she ever tries to forget she left her with a little something to remember her by.

This moment is so much bigger as it’s for all the little girls watching at the event of at home. She added she’s just getting started creating history.

The three of them embraced, and she said it’s time to drop the red cup and put the tissues away because they only wear gold in their house.

A loss for words

Backstage, Kayla Braxton was with Sasha Banks and Banks was fuming.

Banks motioned to the slice from Belair’s hair whip, then stormed off when she couldn’t find the right words to convey her frustration at losing the women’s championship.

Bayley’s mission

Bayley was backstage and said she bets Banks wants a rematch but she’s so angry she can’t put a sentence together.

While Bayley was trying to save both shows, Belair was crying because she didn’t think she could actually win and asked if that’s the type of champion we want.

She said she’s not and she’s going to challenge Belair and take her title to restore respect and dignity to the championship.

WWE Smackdown Results was waiting for Bayley to step in, but we doubt she’ll unseat the new champion just yet. Should be a great feud and she could pull it out.

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