NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Night Two Results: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano, & Ryusuke Taguchi Defeat BULLET CLUB Via Low Blows & Roll Ups From Yano

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Night one of Wrestling Dontaku saw Jay White claim the NEVER Openweight Championship from Hiroshi Tanahashi, and tonight they meet at the top of the Undercard in a six man tag team match! Originally planned to be a 10 man tag, YOH vs. El Desperado getting removed shuffled the card, and reduced this to a six man tag, with Tanahashi keeping Yano & Taguchi while White kept EVIL & Dick Togo. This change also moved the match to the upper card, giving it more time to shine. EVIL & Yano recently feuded over the King Of Pro Wrestling Championship, ending in a Creation Of Darkness Blindfold match. Thankfully, that stipulation will likely never be used again.

EVIL Isolates Ryusuke Taguchi

Before the match could start, both Tanahashi and Taguchi tried to challenge Jay White for his new title, but nothing of the sort was happening unless they could beat him in this match. Tanahashi & White showed off their physiques, while Taguchi rubbed his belly and Yano yowled like a cat. White would start the match with Tanahashi, and neithers man’s leg was feeling good after yesterday’s main event.

As soon as they locked up, White kicked the knee of Tanahashi, who tried to fire back with a Dragon Screw. Tanahashi hobbled to the corner for a forearm strike, before just waiting for White to come to him for an arm drag. White tagged in EVIL, who was met by Yano. Yano would throw EVIL into the corner before being attacked from behind. EVIL would be assisted by Dick Togo, but Yano got help from Taguchi.

Yano pulled EVIL’s hair, prompting White to pull his hair, and then Tanahashi pulled White’s hair. It was a big ol’ chain, especially when Togo got involved, but had no hair for Taguchi to pull. Instead, he dropped everyone with the World’s Strongest Hip Attack. Taguchi tagged in and slammed his hip into the head of EVIL, before he’d channel Nakamura and look for his version of the Boma-Ye, which EVIL had scouted. EVIL then countered an attempt at an STO from Taguchi, obviously knowing how to counter his own finisher.

Taguchi was taken outside of the ring, and thrown into the timekeepers table, before EVIL choked him with a wire at ringside. Back into the ring, Taguchi looked for a tag but there was no one in his corner. EVIL pulled him into the middle of the ring and slammed him for a two count.

Toru Yano Brings The Mischief

Togo came into the match to attack Taguchi while he was down, before hitting the running fist drop for a two count. White was tagged in, and applied a chinlock while mouthing off to Tanahashi. Taguchi got free, but missed two flying hip attacks. He’d manage a desperate Dragon Screw to White, before tagging in Tanahashi.

Tanahashi would slam down White before hitting a rolling senton, and deciding to hit a Dragon Screw on the leg of Gedo. White would trip Tanahashi up and look for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Tanahashi fought him off. Tanahashi would be hit with the Bladebuster, and Togo tagged in. He’d nearly pin Tanahashi, before taking the springboard crossbody. Yano wanted a tag, and he’d get it.

Immediately, he pulled a corner pad off, threw it at EVIL, and looked to put a black bag over the head of Togo. He was stopped, before having it put over his own head, but Yano was able to kick out at two. Yano took a double shoulder tackle and some sentons, but Taguchi made the save. Togo was kicked low by Yano, Tanahashi blinded him, Yano hit a second low blow and rolled him up for the win.

This one wasn’t some NJPW epic, but rather a fun and comedy heavy six man tag team match. White & Tanahashi couldn’t do much after their near 40 minute war yesterday, so they keep things simple and fun here. Match Rating: 2.75/5 (** 3/4)

Who will challenge Jay White for his belt at Wrestle Grand Slam? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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